Ultra-Rare $1.5 Million Lamborghini Miura S Was a Rock Star’s Daily Driver

The Lamborghini Miura S is already one of the world’s rarest cars. When you add on the fact that a rock star daily drove this particular Miura S, it becomes one of a kind. However, this example had one massive feature standard models lacked.

In a recent story told by John Temerian, owner of Curated, a vintage exotics dealership in Miami, purchasing this car created a unique opportunity. This is the story of Eddie Van Halen’s Lamborghini Miura S.

Eddie Van Halen daily drove this Lamborghini Miura S

An image of a Lamborghini Miura S driving through Miami, FL.
Lamborghini Miura S | Curated TV by John Temerian via YouTube

If you’ve heard Van Halen’s famous song “Panama,” then you’ve heard Eddie Van Halen’s personal Lamborghini Miura S. As Temerian tells it, Van Halen backed his one of a kind Lamborghini into the studio to record the exhaust note to use in the famous song. When the Miura S wasn’t making hit records, Temerian reports that Van Halen drove it daily through the streets of Beverly Hills.

Part of what makes this particular Lamborghini Miura S important is that it was a gift from Eddie Van Halen’s first wife, Valerie Bertinelli. In fact, the car still wears the license plate “APR 11,” marking their wedding date. Aside from carrying significant sentimental value, this Miura S is a piece of pop culture. According to Temerian, Van Halen routinely drove the Lamborghini listening to his own music and writing down ideas for new songs.

When Eddie Van Halen decided to part ways with his car collection a few years ago, Temerian reportedly jumped at the opportunity to buy this Lamborghini Miura S which has one major upgrade over standard models.

This is no ordinary Miura S

An image of a Lamborghini Miura S driving through Miami, FL.
Lamborghini Miura S | Curated TV by John Temerian via YouTube

While it may be difficult to see in photos, this Lamborghini Miura S is significantly wider than the standard car. However, an aftermarket body shop did not create this widened bodywork.

Upon doing a bit of digging, Temerian found that the car came this way from the factory originally. As a result, this vintage exotic was not only owned by a rock star but featured unique bodywork as well. According to Temerian, the factory’s widened bodywork was completed by hand, making it truly unique. Additionally the Miura S featured much larger wheels than those on the standard car.

However, not everything is original on this Lamborghini Miura S. As a result; there is a unique opportunity to perform a full restoration of this vintage exotic.

Where is this ultra-rare exotic now?


Ultra-Rare $1.5 Million Lamborghini Miura S Is the Barn Find of the Century

According to Temerian, this Lamborghini Miura S is heading back to Italy. Despite the factory’s widened bodywork, the color is not the original one. As a result, the car will likely return to its original Verde finish. Additionally, Temerian reports that the Lamborghini factory will also add the correct widened original wheels currently missing from the car.

Temerian posted his latest update on the car back in April 2019. However, given how extensive this Lamborghini Miura S restoration will be, it wouldn’t surprise us if it took a few years to complete. However, given Curated’s status as a dealership, this restored exotic will likely come up for sale sometime in the near future.