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If you’re regularly slogging through snow, how could you not want something like this 1993 Chevy G30 Snowcat Snow Coach? You could also use it as a party bus in the middle of nowhere; it seats 11 people. It even has wheelchair access. But there’s more.

This Chevy Snowcat was a Yellowstone tourist bus

Chevy Snow Cat
Chevy Snow Cat Snow Coach | Facebook

This started out as a tourist van in Yellowstone Park built by Canada’s Bombardier. The company was the first to manufacture a dedicated snow coach. Most Bombardier coaches have an interchangeable front end to go from skis to balloon tires and back. 

Its early snow coaches had bodies made completely out of wood. This was done for the integrity inherent in wood, but more importantly, for weight savings. A metal body would have made these extremely heavy. Today, Bombardier is known mostly for producing private jets sold the world over. 

In later years of its snow coach days, it also built conversions like these with tracks in the rear and skis in front. The tracks also incorporate rubber inserts for low-speed driving on roads. Or you can swap them out for tires. 

The Snowcat features specialized snowproof options

Chevy Snow Cat
Chevy Snow Cat Snow Coach | Facebook

Even the windows are double glazed and there is a rear heater to help keep the cold out and the warm inside. And naturally, the van is fully insulated. Deep snow is no match while maintaining a comfortable cabin. 

Besides getting tourists from one place to the other, these snow coaches are used as school busses, supply and mail delivery, and as emergency medical transporters. These G30 Chevy vans were the stoutest van GM made. Built from 1970 to 1996, you’ve undoubtedly seen them everywhere, even now, over 25 years after the last ones were built. 

A 5.7-liter V8 or 4.1-liter Stovebolt straight-six powered these vans. This one runs an injected 5.7-liter small block. Later, a diesel V8 was also added as an optional engine. 

If you want it, the price is $15,000

Chevy Snow Cat
Chevy Snow Cat Snow Coach | Facebook

Currently, it is listed on Facebook Marketplace for a $15,000 asking price. It resides in Washinton state. The listing points out the van is fully operational. It also comes with a spare track set and various other backup parts.  

If there is a downside to this whole Snowcat Snow Coach fantasy, it is that these are not street legal. That means it can only be used on private property or with a special permit. We don’t know how hard or easy it is to get one of those permits, but it may wind up not being an impediment to ownership. You’ll have to check your local motor vehicle department for some guidance. 

And anyway, you probably don’t want to use it in the summer, or when there isn’t snow. So if it is permitted for certain conditions, that should probably work for most people interested in buying this snow barge. 


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