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Toyotas and motor swaps have been best friends for a very long time. Even today, it is impossible to go to a local drifting event and not find a Nissan or even BMW that doesn’t have Toyota Supra’s legendary 2JZ turbocharged inline-six engine under its hood. Dropping Toyota engines in other cars is something that is not likely to go away any time soon. What cars would someone drop the Toyota GR Supra engine into?

What about taking a different engine and dropping it into a Toyota? It seems blasphemous, but it is not unheard of. In fact, a very popular Formula Drift driver is working on doing it for the second time. In case you’re wondering, we are talking about Ryan Tuerck.

Toyota GT4586

When the Toyota GT 86 was fresh out of the dealerships, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck did the unthinkable. He got the 86 straight from the factory and cut it up. Let go of your pearls; it is not what it sounds like. Tuerck had an excellent reason for putting that Toyota GT 86 under the knife. He wanted to do what could be argued is one of the craziest engine swaps ever done in the history of modern tuning.

Ryan and his team ripped out the Subaru-developed D4S boxer engine and replaced it with a high-strung V8. Not just any V8, mind you, but the 4.5 liter, 560 horsepower engine from a Ferrari 458 Italia. We’re aware of how shocking that might be to some of you reading this, so we won’t mind if you need a moment. 

The ultimate Toyota GR Supra engine swap

The engine bay of Ryan Tuercks 'Formula Supra' Toyota GR Supra project car.
Formula Supra | Ryan Tuerck YouTube channel

After doing something as wild as dropping a Ferrari engine into a Toyota GT 86, it is hard to imagine what could be done next that could ever top that. However, if you’re Ryan Tureck, you already had an idea in mind before the last car build even started. We suppose we should expect a builder of unorthodox racecar projects always to be a few steps ahead of the rest.

Ryan heard about a race engine company based in England called Judd Power. Judd has produced race engines for several motorsports, including Le Mans and Formula 1. Specifically, Judd Power created a V10 engine that was particularly successful in Le Mans racing and has an incredible sound. As soon as Ryan learned about that motor, he knew he wanted it at the heart of a future project.

Toyota GR Supra becomes ‘Formula Supra’

You may not believe this, but a V10 Le Mans racing engine is very expensive. Who would have thought? If Ryan wanted to have one under the hood of his next project, he would have to do something drastic. So he did. Ryan sold one of his Formula Drift Competition cars just to buy a Judd V10 engine. Though, that was all he was able to afford with the proceeds. 

Luckily Tureck has a very good relationship with Toyota, so the automaker sent him a brand new GR Supra for the project. Then, just like with the GT 86, the metal surgery began. The project which Tureck has dubbed “Formula Supra” isn’t finished yet, but it is getting close. To recap everyone who might have followed along from the start, Ryan has released an update video that goes through each milestone of the build to where it is today. If you have even a passing interest in racecar engineering, we recommend giving his video a watch.

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing Ryan’s Formula Supra start for the first time once it’s ready.


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