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A green Bugatti Bolide race car parked in a garage next to a racetrack

The Ultimate Bugatti Price Guide

It's hard to ignore beautiful Bugatti models like the Chiron, Bolide, Centodieci, Divo, and the rarest La Voiture Noire. Due to their high price points and limited production runs, Bugattis are unattainable for most consumers. If you have the means, here's how much each Bugatti costs and how you can get one for yourself.

Bugatti vehicles don’t get enough attention among civilian SUVs and sedans, or even other supercars, for that matter. However, that might be due to Bugatti car price ranges. Even the cheapest model, the Veyron, will cost you over a million dollars at a minimum. Less affluent drivers could consider leasing a Bugatti, but even that would cost $66,000.

Still, it’s hard to ignore beautiful models like the Chiron, Bolide, Centodieci, Divo, and the rarest La Voiture Noire. Due to their high price points and limited production runs, Bugattis are unattainable for most consumers. So, how much is a Bugatti? If you have the means, here’s how much each Bugatti costs and how you can get one for yourself.

Why is Bugatti so expensive?

A green Bugatti Bolide race car parked in a garage next to a racetrack

The rich history of Bugatti is one of the reasons these cars are so coveted. The company was founded by Ettore Bugatti in 1909, cementing the brand’s legacy with the Bugatti Type 35. This roadster dominated many racing competitions in the 20s and 30s with an impressive top speed of 135 mph.

As vehicle technology evolved, the Bugatti lineup proceeded to gain even more power and high-quality interior materials. Bugatti models aren’t mass-produced in a factory. Each one is lovingly assembled by hand from a team of 20 people. This process only allows the automaker to produce less than 100 vehicles most years, adding exclusivity.

How much does the Bugatti Chiron cost?

Bugatti Chiron units were delivered to buyers in March 2017, with a relatively high production run of 500 units. It was the quickest production car at its debut, with a top speed of 261 mph and a 1,479-hp quad-turbo engine. The Bugatti Chiron price was originally 2.4 million euros, roughly $200,000 less than today’s estimated $3,000,000 price point.

If you’ve got $200,000 extra, you might consider upgrading to the Bugatti Chiron Sport model. This model is 40 pounds lighter, thanks to some parts being replaced with extra carbon fiber elements. It also got a new Dynamic Torque Vectoring system, a racing chassis, and an upgrade to 1,500 horsepower.

There are also two Noire versions of the Chiron floating around, each fetching around $3,300,000. If black-out carbon fiber isn’t your style, there’s also the gray Chiron Sport Les Légendes Du Ciel. French for “Legends of the Sky,” this model serves as a tribute to France’s history of aircraft innovations. Highlights of these Chiron models include a stylish French flag side sill and a sky view roof.

The most powerful Chiron is the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, which costs an estimated $4,000,000. Its quad-turbo engine has an increased output of 1,578 horsepower and a max speed of 273.4 mph.

How much does the Bugatti Veyron cost?

The Bugatti Veyron was named after French Grand Prix racer Pierre Veyron. It’s the most attainable car the automaker has to offer, estimated to be worth $1,900,000. That price includes another quad-turbo W-16 engine capable of 1,001 horsepower. According to Bugatti, it can reach 0 to 62 mph in an obscene 2.5 seconds.

Like the Chiron, many special editions of the Veyron were released with unique styling elements. The coffee-colored Rembrandt Veyron, honoring the founder’s brother, features a copper interior with an exclusive bronze elephant hood ornament.

So, what is the Bugatti Veyron price range? Only three of these cars were produced, selling for over $3,000,000 each. Elsewhere, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse features an awesome roof spoiler and produces 1,200 horsepower.

Although both these Bugattis feature all-leather interiors and shiny aluminum dashboards, you won’t find a large center touchscreen. Instead, each Bugatti comes with its own external tablet that displays the car’s important diagnostic information. This is to enhance the driving experience and not detract from the Bugatti’s immersive architecture.

How much does the Bugatti Bolide cost?

What is the Bugatti Bolide price range? The Bugatti Bolide has yet to be released, but it will be limited to 40 units costing $4,800,000 each. Its name means “race car” in French, clearly evident from its dynamic design and lithe 3,196-lb frame. It was first teased as a concept car last December, a 1,825-hp beast that definitely would never have been street-legal. The relatively reserved 1,578 horsepower version, that also produces 1,180 lb-ft of torque, is still only permitted on the track. If the concept is followed, it would be paired with a dual-clutch automatic transmission and standard AWD.

The Bolide looks similar to the Chiron at the nose, but it’s been considerably shaved down to house a carbon fiber grille. At the back, it has a set of four exhaust pipes and an aerodynamic rear wing. Combined with the huge diffuser, the Bolide will undoubtedly have a significant amount of downforce.

Interior photos haven’t been released yet, but other details suggest it will stray toward the more practical end of luxury. Bugatti said each car would come with safety harnesses, a fire extinguishing system, and a bladder fuel tank.

How much does the Bugatti Centodieci cost?

The Bugatti Centodieci, named after the Italian word for 110, is one of the automaker’s one-off models. The Centodieci is meant to be a tribute to the Bugatti EB110, first released in the 90s. Many automotive experts call it the first hypercar, capable of 560 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque.

So, what is the Bugatti Centodieci price range? It cost a relatively affordable $652,000 upon its release, but it’s now valued at least $2,000,000. Only 10 Centodieci units were produced, and each one is now valued at $9,000,000. It boasts the same wedge shape as the EB110, only now it’s much more powerful. Like most Bugatti models, it comes equipped with a turbo W-16 engine capable of 1,578 horsepower.

This fighter jet-inspired model is just a hair faster than the Veyron, reaching 60 mph in only 2.4 seconds. It can reach 186 mph in a mere 13.1 seconds, a few ticks faster than even the Chiron. The Bugatti Centodieci also calls back to the EB110 with its diamond-shaped air inserts on its sides. It also has the same low headlights but two additional LED taillight elements at the rear.

How much does the Bugatti Divo cost?

According to MotorTrend, the Bugatti Divo is worth around $5,700,000. The Divo is also a one-off model named after French racer Albert Divo. All 40 units were purchased almost immediately, and the company began making deliveries in April 2020.

It has the same 1,479-hp engine as the iconic Bugatti Chiron, paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. However, the Divo has a slightly higher top speed and weighs 77 pounds less than its sibling. At the Nardo circuit run, the Divo also ran laps eight seconds quicker than the Chiron.

According to Top Gear, the Bugatti Divo is unsurprisingly a thrill to drive. Acceleration is instant, and the steering is light enough for quick maneuvers without losing any driver confidence. While no off-roader by any means, the Divo’s carbon fiber wheels keep their grip even on unsettled pavement. It also has one of the most distinctive noises, a unique blend of growls from the intake, turbo gates, and exhaust.

The Divo sets itself apart from the Chiron with a more aggressive front splitter and double-decker tail wing. The interior boasts the same luxury as the Chiron, but it has a two-toned leather interior similar to the Veyron models

How much does the Bugatti La Voiture Noire cost?

What is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire price range? Only one La Voiture Noire was ever created, valued at a whopping $12,500,500. Additionally, CNN says that adding necessary taxes raises the hypercar’s final price to around $19,000,000. Like the Bugatti Centodieci, the La Voiture Noire is also a tribute to a Bugatti model from its earliest era. 

The Type 57 SC Atlantic was one of the most powerful and stylish cars of its time, capable of up to 200 horsepower. Only four were ever produced for ownership, but one of them was reportedly lost sometime during WWII. The remaining models are estimated to be worth anywhere from $50,000,000-$136,000,000. 

Each of them had a different color scheme, with one blacked-out model known as La Voiture Noire. Meaning simply “the black car” in French, the modern Bugatti La Voiture Noire shares the same engine as the entry-level Chiron. It makes 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft of torque, with a top speed of around 250 mph.

Bugatti claims that the La Voiture Noire’s interior is the most comfortable one ever produced, clad in black leather. The driver’s seat was also customized to fit the sole buyer of this model. The entire exterior is matte-black with several exposed carbon fiber bits, with the color scheme only broken by red headlights.

Who bought the $19 million Bugatti La Voiture Noire?

For some time, the identity of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire’s buyer was shrouded in mystery. Last year, Hindustan Times reported that the owner was sports star, Cristiano Ronaldo. This would be the affluent soccer player’s second Bugatti purchase, the first one being the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

Ronaldo bought the La Voiture Noire as a gift for himself, commemorating his team’s 36th Serie A championship win. Ronaldo also has an established history with Bugatti, showcasing a special ankle boot produced in collaboration with Nike.

How can I buy a Bugatti?

Buying any Bugatti sadly isn’t as simple as slapping down a few million dollars. HotCars reports that Bugatti has a lengthy application process, briefing you on the company’s history and the vehicle’s mechanical workings. The company also interviews each customer to make sure they align with the automaker’s luxury image.

In most cases, Bugatti will seek out specific buyers in hopes that they will endorse the automaker. This includes famous athletes, movie stars, and music artists with obviously exorbitant incomes. Some of the most vocal Bugatti enthusiasts are even invited to visit the factory in Molsheim.

You’re also permitted to touch different car components and even test drive models during this interview process. Fair warning, you will be forced to purchase a Bugatti if it gets damaged during a test drive. Once you’ve passed the interview, Bugatti requires a hefty car payment of at least $250,000. 

However, your relationship with Bugatti doesn’t end just because you’ve paid off the ride. The automaker also expects its patrons to attend company events and showcase their vehicles. You also can’t alter the vehicle without the automaker’s approval, especially to replicate a lookalike. However, Bugatti does offer a virtually endless list of customizations you can include before the car is even delivered.

Only registered Bugatti mechanics can work on the cars, and customers must keep a strict maintenance schedule. This is a whole other cost barrier in itself. The company requires new tires every 2,500 miles and new wheels every 10,000 miles, a total replacement bill of $83,000. HotCars says the average Bugatti owner spends $21,000 on maintenance alone. Still, most of us wouldn’t hesitate to get a Bugatti if we had the funds.


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