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With the current situation in Ukraine, there’s been plenty of attention on the country’s military. Their president fighting in the streets, the Ghost of Kyiv, and so many more are receiving coverage. Did you know the Ukrainian army is powered by Ford? Surprisingly, the American automaker supplies the Ukrainian army with the chassis for the KrAZ Spartan.

How does Ford power the Ukrainian army?

The Ukrainian Army is Ford powered. Pictured is a KrAZ Spartan armored vehicle, which sits on a Ford F-550 chassis.
KrAZ Spartan armored truck | Aytac Unal/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Amazingly enough, the Ukrainian army’s KrAZ Spartan is, underneath everything, a Ford truck. Initially built in North America, it isn’t surprising that it uses a Ford chassis. As a result, powering the Ukrainian army through its high-danger areas is a Ford F-550 chassis with a “Scorpion” 6.7-liter Turbo-Diesel V8 engine. Moreover, the beast of a truck makes 300 horsepower, uses 4WD, and has a fully-automatic transmission.

The Ukrainian Army’s KrAZ Spartan troop carrier

KrAZ Spartan, a Ford powered Ukrainian army vehicle
KrAZ Spartan | KrAZ

The KrAZ Spartan is an armored personnel carrier designed and built by STREIT Group in Ontario, Canada. Additionally, production takes place in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, by the manufacturer KrAZ. That’s why the Ukrainian military uses it now. According to KrAZ, the armored vehicle is responsible for carrying troops into highly dangerous areas. Its design allows it to resist threats from all angles. The truck offers CEN Level BR6 protection, meaning it can withstand multiple 7.62x51mm NATO assault rifle rounds from any angle.

Additionally, the vehicle’s undercarriage is capable of withstanding the blast of two DM51 fragmentation hand grenades. On top, the roof hatch can support a pivoting turret with or without a machine gun. Next, a remote-controlled weapon station is installable, and it combines a machine gun and a quartet of RK-3 Corsar anti-tank missiles. The truck weighs 19,400 pounds and can carry two crew members, plus six additional passengers.

KrAZ Spartan: A self-driving armored vehicle

In addition to the standard Spartan, there is actually a self-driving version. In short, the self-driving armored vehicle is a crewless ground vehicle operated remotely with a tablet, smart glove, or at an operator control station. Ukrainian military personnel controls the KrAZ Spartan self-driving model 10 to 50 km away over wireless networks. Primarily, the truck is for transporting food, fuel, and medicine into a dangerous combat zone. Lastly, the self-driving Spartan carries injured troops away from the battlefield to safety, to seek medical help.

Buy Ukrainian army power: The 2022 Ford F-550 Lariat


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The Ford chassis on which the Ukrainian army’s armored truck sits is available to build and price on the automaker’s website. Although, as you can probably decipher, most people have no use for this massive thing. For the version that those interested can purchase in America, owners get a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel. However, it makes 330 horsepower (slightly more than the armored truck) and 825 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, the automaker shows off its features and technology, even in these massive trucks. For example, a Ford F-550 Lariat comes with the SYNC 4 infotainment system and Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology.

Ford powers the Ukrainian army

In conclusion, the Ukrainian army is powered by Ford because of the KrAZ Spartan armored troop carrier and self-driving armored vehicle. Underneath these massive, vital protective vehicles is a Ford F-550 chassis. Built in Canada originally, it’s no surprise that one of North America’s most popular automakers supplies the chassis. Further, the manufacturer’s website features more amazing Ukrainian army vehicles, like the KrAZ Spartan. That is to say, head there if models like the KrAZ Spartan interest you.