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Something that once seemed unthinkable has happened. Uber and the New York City Taxi Commission have reached an agreement, and they might be burying the hatchet. Rideshare companies have been butting heads with taxi services since the very first Uber hit the pavement in 2009. This new partnership made Uber’s stock increase by 5%. Clearly, the market is ready for this crossover.

Can you use Uber like a taxi currently?

There are a lot of similarities between reserving an Uber and calling for a taxi. Either way, you end up with a ride where you need to go, for a set fare. However, the differences are what have made the rivalry between these two so bitter. Riders in big cities can simply hail a cab anywhere that one is available. Uber riders need access to the app, which means necessary mobile service and enough battery. 

Customers can use Uber like a taxi in that they can call a car, and it’ll show up to give them a ride. But, this new partnership between Uber and one of the country’s most famous taxi companies is a significant shift in rideshare dynamics.

When can riders order a cab through Uber? 

According to Automotive News, the new program will start in the spring in select areas and then expand throughout the summer. Riders will have access to thousands more vehicles through the huge flock of yellow taxis in NYC. Uber hopes to have a significant share of taxis integrated into its app by 2025. 

There are certain areas in which Uber is already partnering with taxi companies. In countries like Spain and Columbia, and select markets like Hong Kong, cabs are a large portion of Uber’s market. 

A NYC yellow cab driving in the city. Recently, Uber agreed to list taxis on its app
A NYC yellow taxi cab | Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

How is this different from Uber Taxi?

So far, it hasn’t been made clear whether this new partnership is officially under the Uber Taxi product or whether it’ll be its own, unique offering. 

Uber Taxi is one product within Uber that does allow riders to request local, certified taxi cabs in place of the company’s usual gig drivers in their personal cars. Known in some places as “Uber Cab”, this option lets riders choose a cab right from the app. You order, ride, and pay for the trip the same way you would if you ordered a typical Uber. 

We’re guessing that the new partnership between Uber and the New York City Taxi Commission will fall under the Uber Taxi product, but there may be bigger plans in the making. 

How are drivers for Uber responding?

The cost of ordering a taxi through Uber will be the same as the cost to call an UberX for the same trip. However, the taxi drivers will be paid at New York’s wage standards for cab drivers. Those wages are often higher than the rates paid for UberX, which means that yellow-cab drivers could make more money than Uber drivers for the same trip.

Watch the video below to hear some comments from Uber drivers, relayed by The Rideshare Guy.


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