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People want to keep their lives as normal as possible, but they still want to remain safe and virus free. Buying a vehicle nowadays poses so many risks unless you take a chance and buy online. Many people in larger areas are slowly turning to ride sharing opportunities, but they want to stay safe. 

Uber heeded government requirements for using protective equipment and practicing social distancing wherever possible. They’ve set up new rules for their drivers and spent millions on setting them all up with the necessary gear to provide safe ridesharing. Car and Driver lay out the rules they’ve put in place. 

The new norm for Uber drivers and riders in the pandemic

Uber stepped up its game and provided a new set of rules for drivers and riders to follow so that everyone stays safe in these pandemic times. One of the first rules they implemented was to make sure that both the drivers and those riding in their cars wear a mask during the ride. Drivers should also have gloves, especially if they’re handling food products. 

If the driver refuses to wear one, the rider can cancel the ride and report the person to Uber headquarters. On the other side of the coin, if the rider refuses to wear one, the driver can also cancel the ride. Plus, he can do so without getting any kind of penalty for it. That’s important because drivers weren’t able to do that before COVID-19 came along. 

Uber also requires riders to agree that windows remain open during the ride, to add an extra level of safety for both drivers and riders. The more ventilation in the vehicle, the safer everyone is. All safety equipment the drivers need is provided by Uber. 

Uber’s investment in the health of their drivers and riders

Uber has pulled out all the stops to ensure the highest level of safety for its drivers. As per guidelines from various health experts, they’ve purchased upwards of $50 million on all the equipment necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19 while remaining in business. 

They’ve provided every driver with a mask and gloves that must be worn during the duration of the ride, regardless of whether they have passengers or are delivering food. An online checklist the drivers must perform will verify they’re wearing the masks. 

Masks aren’t the only equipment, however, that each Uber representative needs in their vehicles. They also require hand sanitizers and disinfecting sprays to be in each and every vehicle. Drivers must complete proper cleaning of the inside of their vehicles before accepting new rides. 

The quarterly performance for the pandemic time period

The first quarter ended on March 31, and Uber’s data showed that their ridership went up 7% over the previous year. However, it went down about 13% from the prior quarter. 

In mid-March, they noticed that bookings in the Seattle area had dropped around 60-70%. This was due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 that sent the city into a lockdown state. More people were getting anxious, extra cautious, and simply staying home more often. 

Uber expected to see more of the same in other major areas where the pandemic has snuck in and shut down a lot of other cities across the United States. Traveling this summer may be difficult, so ride sharing might be the best choice to make. 

Uber is doing its part to stop the spread of the virus while experts are scrambling to find a vaccination against it. They’ve not only required their drivers to wear protective equipment, but they’ve gone one further and provided it to them to ensure that it gets done. 


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