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To many motorcycle enthusiasts, riding on two wheels signifies freedom. There are probably just as many reasons to ride a motorcycle as there are people who ride motorcycles. A research group wanted to know if it is possible to classify motorcyclists into groups or personalities. They discovered there are eight distinct groups.  

Belgian group identifies motorcycle rider types

A crowd of motorcycle riders driving down the road.
Motorcycle riders | Getty Images

Belgian research group, Vias, wanted to know how motorcycle riders enjoyed their passion. They weren’t concerned with why these people chose to ride motorcycles. According to Ride Apart, Vias interviewed 2,963 motorcycle riders over the age of 16 and asked how exactly they enjoy their passion. After analyzing their data, Vias identified eight different motorcycle rider classifications. 


The Time-Optimizer chooses a motorcycle because it could provide a quicker ride to the destination. This is only if the weather permits. Four wheels are often chosen when the weather is not ideal. This is not a small group as it is made up of 11.6% of the people interviewed. 

The Time-For-Me Seeker  

The Time-For-Me Seekers are the riders who like to jump on their motorcycle as a way to relax. It is the perfect excuse to get away from family and other responsibilities and enjoy some time away in the open air. These riders made up 18.8% of the respondents. 

The Unconditional  

The Unconditional riders are the toughest ones in the crowd. These riders will jump on their bike no matter the weather, time of day, or road conditions. Basically, if the bike has fuel in the tank, it will be ridden. This is a pretty dedicated and die-hard group. The Unconditionals made up 9.5% of the research group. 

The Good-Vibe Seeker  


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As the name suggests, the Good-Vibe Seeker is looking for a good time when riding the motorcycle. These riders only choose the bike when the weather is nice out. The motorcycle is not a means to an end. It is to be enjoyed and enjoyment requires certain conditions. Sometimes, the Good-Vibe Seeker will also choose to ride the bike in order to avoid the car. Good-Vibe Seekers were 14.2 % of the interviewed riders. 

The Tactician

The Tactician likes to keep all mobility options available. The motorcycle is only pulled out when the situation perfectly warrants it. The more fair-weather Tacticians make up 18.2%. 

The Multimodal

The Multimodal riders use their bikes alongside other forms of transportation likes cars to get to their destination. Multimodals make up 11% of the sample. 

The Daily User

The Daily User is similar to the Unconditional rider. These riders have an addiction and their motorcycle is their fix. They have to get their riding fix on a regular basis. Less than optimal weather does not deter the Daily User. Interestingly, Daily Users only comprise 7.5% of the research pool. 

The Lifer

Just as the name suggests, the Lifer has been riding motorcycles from a very young age. Chances are they were hanging out in the garage with motorcycle enthusiast parents as they tinkered on the family motorcycles or they just got on two wheels as soon as they were old enough. Lifers have a way of rubbing off on people. They keep the passion for motorcycles alive. While Lifers are the cornerstone of the motorcycle world, they only make up 9.2% of those interviewed.

While the research shows that motorcycle riders tend to fall into 8 different categories, motorcycle riders are just as unique as the rest of us. How do you like to enjoy your motorcycle?