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Whether for city centers with car bans, running the last mile, or otherwise short runs, these micro-delivery EV vans are cute and crazy. And they’re weird enough to stand out, which increases advertising. So what are these bubble car haulers, and where can you see them? They’re the Microlino Delivery and Evetta Cargo, two similar yet not-so-similar inner-city carry-alls.

Both vehicles are adaptations of their respective two-passenger people movers. And those are both modern interpretations of the Isetta bubble cars of the 1950s. The design was licensed to BMW and other European and South American companies.

Evetta Cargo EV van

Microlino Cargo
Evetta Cargo EV van | Evetta

The German Evetta Cargo from ElectricBrands is essentially an Evetta Prima passenger car. To that, an enclosed cargo box bonked onto the tail end. The Microlino, built in Switzerland, is a lengthened and more integrated design utilizing most of its passenger car components. 

The Evetta Cargo is the more outlandish of the two, with its appendage-like box. It features a 59-inch x 51-inch x 39-inch compartment and can handle up to a 1,300 lb payload. The heated pizza box shown is just one use for the box. Evetta suggests that an espresso car or straight-up urban delivery carrier are some other alternatives. 

Evetta Cargo
Evetta Cargo EV | Electric Brands

It has just under a 100-mile range, propelled by its 14 kWh battery and single motor. The top speed is 55 mph, which is more than enough to scoot around crowded city squares or for tight last-mile deliveries. Production will begin in the first part of next year.

For the cuteness and versatility of the Cargo, it is not particularly cheap. The list price is almost $20,000. Give or take the vagaries of exchange rates. 

Microlino EV Delivery van

Microlino delivery
Patent rendering of the Microlino delivery | Microlino

The renderings of the Microlino EV delivery vans just popped up on patent sites, so information is almost non-existent. But we can assume much of its specs since it is a takeoff of the Microlino Prima passenger car. That includes the signature front opening door.

The front portion is taken directly from the Prima, including the opening canvas top. The body maintains its forward width moving to the rear, rather than the taper of the Prima. Spacing out the Prima’s rear wheels improves cargo space. There is also more length aft of the rear wheels. 

Microlino delivery
Patent rendering for Microlino delivery | Microlino

Then Microlino adds a straightforward box. Removing the cargo box turns the vehicle into the world’s smallest pickup truck. It can be fully charged in four hours and has a range of 142 miles. It can also hit 55 mph, achieved with its 12.5 kWh motor and 14 kWh battery. 

Since there are no specs for the just-revealed images, we can only go by the Prima’s base price, which starts a $15,500. So as with the Evetta Cargo, we expect the price to hover around $20,000. Cuteness and attention come with a price. 


Microlino Is Actually Making Its Hyped EV Bubble Car