Turns Out the 2021 Toyota Sienna Won’t Come With a Fridge

2021 will have plenty of offerings for newer vehicles, some with complete new redesigns. The Toyota Sienna is one that caught a lot of people’s attention with the promise of a couple of new interesting features promised for the minivan

However, something changed, and now it looks like the hybrid van won’t be getting some of the cool new items after all. What happened to them, and did they ditch the idea altogether? MotorTrend explains what went down and what’s to come. 

What did Toyota plan for the 2021 model?

Toyota planned to introduce two new features to the Sienna model for 2021. It announced that it was going to send out the van with a vacuum feature as standard equipment on the Limited trim level. The top-level trim, the Platinum, was to get a fridge as a standard feature. 

One of the reasons Toyota planned to offer these items is because it wanted to compete with the Honda Odyssey and the Chrysler Pacifica. Both of these vans offered similar features in previous model years. 

The Odyssey was the first van to come out with the vacuum feature, which came with the 2014 model. Eventually, the Chrysler Pacifica van picked up the vacuum as well. 

Now, Toyota thought by implementing those features with the new Sienna design, it would have a competitive edge. But, MotorTrend reports that because of some unfortunate reasons, the Sienna won’t be coming out with them, at least not yet. 

It sounds like Toyota had a supplier issue that prevented it from receiving the items, thereby putting installation to a halt. Instead, Toyota is going ahead and launching its vans at the end of the year without the useful extras. 

Did Toyota give up on the new features?

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With the supplier issue, it sounds like Toyota’s giving up on the idea for now just to get the van out there and on the market. But, it hopes to introduce them later on as the extra features become available from the supplier. 

According to Motor1, the Limited trim was to get the vacuum feature along with an extra storage box in the cabin. The Premium trim design, however, was to get the fridge in place of that extra storage box. 

The price, without the added features, will start at $31,640. You can expect to pay a few hundred more when the fridge and vacuum do come out, though. 

What will the Toyota Sienna come with instead?

While it’s disappointing that those cool features won’t be a part of the 2021 model, there are still plenty of other items that make the Sienna worth buying. 

For starters, on the upper-level trims, there will be a 10-inch display with a camera that has surround-view technology. The seats will be leather-trimmed as well as heated and ventilated for added comfort. Two features offered as options are the AWD setup and the 20-inch wheels. 

To power it up, Toyota implemented a gasoline-hybrid powertrain to give it the “get up and go” it needs. With a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors, the Sienna will generate 243 hp. 

For the optional AWD setup, the Sienna will have a third motor for the rear axle, much like the RAV4. This will give it the ability to get an estimated combined rating of 33 mpg for fuel economy

The Toyota Sienna coming out without the cool new features may disappoint some of the automaker’s fans. But there will still be plenty to like about the 2021 model to make the purchase worth it.