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Can we say we’ve seen it all now? No, but we never expected this. A company has just announced kits to convert a Cybertruck into an amphibious catamaran or hydrofoil. No, we’re not kidding.

You have a choice: Cybercatamaran or Cybercat Foiler

Cybercat front
Cybercat front | CC

The company suggests that the Tesla Cybertruck is more than capable of being turned into an amphibious watercraft with just a few additions from this kit. Adding hydrofoils to the kit turns it into a “Cybercat Foiler” with “industry-leading performance.”  

All of the components can be broken down and stored in the Cybertruck’s covered bed. The company says assembling and attaching the components takes “less time than launching a boat.” This just keeps sounding better. 

What happens to the Cybercat in shallow water?

Cybercat components
Cybercat components | CC

The folding and inflatable pontoons give 12-inches of surface clearance out of the water. In the water, the combined electric outboard motors, pontoons, and hydrofoils fold down “for quick takeoff.” If the water gets too shallow, you can just pull up the above pieces, and just drive through it with the Cybertruck’s tires. No more sandbar issues.

The motors and hydrofoils are positioned below the tailgate. So it can be up or down while racing through the water. This gives you complete access to whatever you need to carry on the water. Scuba gear, skis, or just sunbathing in the bed. 

But there’s more! Sprinkled around the bed are both L-Track and T-Slot fixtures. These can be used to attach a rack for holding fishing poles or skis to have more room in the bed. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can even create your own CyberIsland! 

A Cybercat CyberIsland!

Cybercat CyberIsland
Cybercat CyberIsland | CC

By using the Cybertruck tailgate as a bridge, you can daisy-chain the trucks together. The connected beds can now be used for dance parties, dining platforms with tables and chairs, craps games, group sunbathing, a floating bar, or any number of other uses. The possibilities are endless

What about if you’re in the water but the charge is running low? The batteries are rechargeable with any standard marina electrical connection. And don’t forget, there are no fumes with electric power and minimal noise. Want to know more? 

How Much?

Fishing with the Cybercat | CC

You may want to know how much all of this costs, right? Each Cybercat kit comes with from one to five 50kW motors. So that can change the price from $22,900 for one motor, to $32,900 for five. Depending on how many motors you buy, the range goes up. The best performance gives a range of 115-plus miles at six mph or 50-plus miles at 15 mph. You can expect 335 hp with five outboard motors. 

For the Cybercat Foiler, expect better performance. With up to five motors the Foiler can be buzzed to a top speed of 40-plus mph. Range goes from 75 miles at 25 mph, to 115 miles at six mph. It starts at $35,400 with two motors minimum, to $42,900 with five. 

But you’ve reserved a Ford F-150 Lightning, what about those? These kits can be adapted to “any properly configured electric vehicle ” according to the website. With that said, we’re expecting everything from Nissan Leaf to GMC Hummer owners giving this a shot.  


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