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Among the select few cars hailed as ‘Radwood royalty,’ one ‘80s symbol stands above the rest. And while it can’t quite compete with modern supercars’ speed, it’s arguably their equal in stage presence. We’re talking of course about the Lamborghini Countach, one of the Italian brand’s most iconic cars. But while its star status is cemented, the Countach’s story isn’t quite over yet. That’s because Lamborghini is resurrecting it—and according to the rumors, it might be a hybrid.

The Lamborghini Countach is back just in time for its 50th birthday

A red 1977 Lamborghini Countach LP400 with its doors raised
1977 Lamborghini Countach LP400 | Lamborghini

Although the Lamborghini Countach is perhaps THE 1980s supercar, it didn’t debut then. The Countach is actually the Miura’s direct successor, making it a 1970s car. It first debuted as a concept in 1971 before officially hitting the road as the Countach LP400 in 1974. The radical flares and large wing didn’t arrive until the 1978 Countach LP400 S, MotorTrend explains. If you ever watched Cannonball Run, that’s the Lambo from the opening.

However, while it didn’t originate in the 1980s, that was when the Lamborghini Countach reached its final form. In 1982 it evolved into the Countach LP5000 S, followed by the truly outrageous LP5000 QV in 1985. And before it was replaced by the Diablo, the Countach got a final send-off in the form of the 1989 25th Anniversary Edition. Fun fact: Horacio Pagani, the CEO and founder of the eponymous Italian hypercar company, designed the 25th Anniversary Edition.

Several V12-powered supercars have followed in the Lamborghini Countach’s footsteps. After the Diablo came the Murcielago. And now its successor, the Aventador, is entering its final days. But it’s sticking around to witness the original Countach LP500 concept’s 50th anniversary.

Lamborghini is throwing a birthday party of sorts at Monterey Car Week to celebrate this anniversary. However, it’s not bringing a cake. Instead, it’s bringing the Countach back for the modern era.

Could the new Lamborghini Countach be a hybrid supercar?

The disguised upcoming Lamborghini Countach
Upcoming Lamborghini Countach disguised | Lamborghini

As of this writing, Lamborghini has only released a short teaser video for its upcoming supercar revival and one image. And that image shows what appears to be the new Countach hidden under a sheet. However, some information has leaked out via confidential sources and Instagram, Roadshow says.

According to the Instagram leaks, the new supercar’s official name is ‘Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4,’ Roadshow reports. That ‘LPI’ might ring familiar for some Lambo fans, and it could hint at the Countach’s powertrain. It previously appeared on the hybrid 2014 Asterion LPI 910-4 concept. If the new Countach is indeed an ‘LPI’ model, that could make it a hybrid supercar.

The front 3/4 view of the matte-green Lamborghini Sian driving through the Bologna streets
Lamborghini Sian front 3/4 | Lamborghini

The idea of a hybrid Lamborghini Countach isn’t necessarily that odd. Although the Asterion never made it past the concept stage, the limited-run Sian was a hybrid. But it was a capacitor-powered mild-hybrid, while the Asterion was a true plug-in hybrid. It’s worth noting, though, that Lamborghini previously announced plans to make both plug-in hybrid and fully-electric supercars. So, in theory, the resurrected Countach could be the first production plug-in hybrid Lamborghini.

Apart from the hybrid rumors, insiders claim the new Countach will make 789 hp and use Aventador underpinnings, MotorTrend says. The latter part makes some sense, as it’s too soon for a whole-scale Aventador replacement, Car and Driver muses. And the first part is in keeping with Lamborghini’s naming conventions.

For example, the Aventador SVJ’s full name is ‘Aventador SVJ LP770-4.’ The ‘-4’ means ‘four driven wheels,’ referring to the all-wheel drive. ‘LP’ stands for ‘Longitudinale Posteriore,’ which refers to the SVJ’s longitudinal rear-mid-mounted engine. And ‘770’ stands for ‘770 PS,’ the metric conversion for its 759 hp. 800 PS works out to 789 hp. Oh, and incidentally? The ‘I’ in ‘LPI’ stands for ‘Ibrido,’ or ‘hybrid,’ Roadshow explains.

How much will it cost?

The new Lamborghini Countach is being officially unveiled some time during Monterey Car Week. Given that the 50th-anniversary celebration is scheduled for August 15th, Hagerty reports, the reveal will likely happen around then.

As of this writing, Lamborghini hasn’t released any pricing or production details. But don’t expect the new Countach to be cheap or available in huge numbers. For what it’s worth, MotorTrend’s insiders peg the starting price at $3.5 million.

Presumably, you’ll have to bring your own shoulder pads.

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