Tuned Toyota Supra Already Makes 420 HP

Litchfield Motors in Tewkesbury, UK, is a large British tuner that massages all things fast from Porsches to Ferraris; and those fast Nissan GT-R racers. They’ve been around over 20 years, and are known as one of the premier tuner shops in Europe. They recently snagged a 2020 Toyota Supra to breathe some extra smack out of the new sports car that shares many components with BMW.

This Was Difficult. Not!

So, how difficult was it? They got an additional 85hp without turning a wrench. It’s true, just a remap of the ECU. Putting their unique tune on the computer Litchfield got an additional 85 hp, leaping from 335 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque to 420 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque.

What’s Next?

It was too easy. This shop goes way deeper into tuner mods, so what’s next for the Supra? Litchfield is working with performance partners Milltek and Akrapovic to rework the exhaust system. Estimated performance is around 450 hp. Remember, in its stock configuration the Supra cranks out 335 hp.

…and Down the Road?

Engine tweaks, an oil cooler, chassis stiffening, and suspension mods are all in Litchfield’s speed sights.

When the Supra was announced along with a partnership with BMW you knew it would be a great platform for all kinds of modifications. Already we’re seeing shops like Litchfield performing the obvious. Keep it coming!

Photos: motor1.com