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It’s that time of year again; time for your kids to pick out a Halloween costume, only to change their minds nine times before October 31st. It’s also time to stock up on candy that you’ll inevitably eat and then have to replace before the end of the month. And if you live in a community that does a trunk-or-treat in addition to (or instead of) regular old trick-or-treating, you might have to think of a good Halloween costume for your SUV, as well. It’s exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many ideas on the internet, and any of them are fairly easy to pull off in a short amount of time. Here are some of the best trunk-or-treat car decorations for your SUV.

The trunk of a car decorated with a fake dinosaur and Jurassic park decor.
Jurassic Park trunk-or-treat decorations | Oriental Trading Company

If you live in the North, you’re already cold, so you might as well go as Frozen with your trunk-or-treat car decorations

Three scenes depicting Halloween car decorations, including fake snow and Elsa.
Frozen car decorations | Oriental Trading Company

Decking your SUV out in the Frozen theme is a surefire way to get kids crowding to your vehicle in search of Elsa lollipops. You can either buy a pre-made kit, or get your own stuff (which is generally cheaper). You already have an adult-sized Olaf costume at your house, right? Right?

All you need for a Frozen SUV theme is a white sheet, some snowflakes (which your kids would likely be happy to help you make), and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. You might want to bring a car vacuum with you for after the event. 

Jurassic Park trunk-or-treat decorations are especially awesome if you have a Ford Explorer

If you remember the Jurassic Park movie, you may remember the Ford Explorer. If you have a Ford Explorer, you may want to go the Jurassic Park route for your trunk-or-treat decorations. You can buy a Jurassic Park trunk or treat kit, or you can put your kid in one of those inflatable dinosaur costumes (which are pretty awesome by themselves), cut some leaves out of green construction paper, and fill your paper grocery bags to make rocks. Done. 

This spider truck-or-treat car costume would be perfect for a black SUV

A spider Halloween costume for an SUV.
A spider costume for an SUV trunk | Oriental Trading Company

If you have a black SUV, this spider trunk-or-treat costume would be perfect. Your SUV can act as the body, and you can make eight legs to dangle over the sides. Throw in a spider web and maybe some eyes, and you have a terrifying tarantula. You could hand out black licoriche Twizzlers, but those are disgusting, so maybe opt for Hershey Kisses instead. 

Have a kid who loves unicorns? Bring on the magic

A colorful trunk-or-treat unicorn costume for a car.
A unicorn trunk-or-treat costume | Oriental Trading Company

A unicorn theme is easy enough to pull off on your SUV, thanks to the sheer amount of colors involved. Honestly, if you add enough colorful streamers, some horse ears and a horn, no one will doubt what your SUV is disguised as. The eyes on this kit add a nice touch, and are pretty easy to make. Hand out some Skittles to add to the rainbow theme. 

If all else fails, you can always deck your SUV out in black and orange, say “Happy Halloween,” and throw handfuls of candy into kids’ treat bags. No one will question your SUV’s theme if their mouths are stuffed with peanut butter cups. 


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