1991 Ford SkyRanger
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7 Limited-Edition Trucks You Probably Forgot About

Limited-edition trucks aren’t always valuable. Whatever the specific reason, consumers and the market just didn’t bite. But a truck’s popularity isn’t only determined by the used market. Sometimes, special editions just aren’t special enough to sell. Or whatever they celebrated faded from popular culture. And just like the trends that inspired them, the trucks went …

Toyota Tacoma at River Road Rally Park
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4 Best Truck Off-Road Trails in Illinois

Perceptions of Illinois, for driving, tend to one of two extremes: “Chicago gridlock” or “endless cornfields.” My home state may be known more for hot dogs and pizza, but there are opportunities for fun drives. Especially when it comes to off-roading trucks. Although the majority of trails are sized for ATVs or dirt bikes, there …

Arrington 1984 Dodge Rampage 2019 SEMA | Copeland Facebook-00
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Arrington Performance Mid-Engine Dodge Rampage

The outrageousness of the SEMA Show continues with the Mike Copeland-built Hemi, mid-engine Dodge Rampage for his Arrington Performance company. In classic hot rod style, Copeland took one of the cheapest cars (or trucks?) made and put in one of the most outrageous engines around. Then just for some spice, he chose to go mid-engine. …