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It’s always heartbreaking to see sports cars meet an untimely end. Whether it’s due to someone’s careless right foot, or a poorly placed Maserati crushing a Chevrolet Corvette, these things are always hard to watch. Unfortunately, it’s happened to yet another ‘Vette, yet again. A trailer loaded with the new C8-generation Chevrolet sports car went up in smoke earlier this week. Obviously, it’s just as hard to watch as any other unfortunate accident like this.

Honestly, this may be even more difficult to watch given that the entire trailer went up in smoke. That means it took its precious payload with it.

The Corvettes were injured, but thankfully the driver wasn’t

A burning car
A fire can easily total a car | Josh Edelson via Getty Images

Should you be brave enough to watch the hopes and dreams of many a new Chevrolet Corvette owner go up in smoke, you can watch that unfold here. The camera is already rolling by the time the cars are well on their way to a fiery demise. Full warning, there’s quite a lot of profanity in the video. Fair enough, as any car enthusiast would be properly upset at seeing something like this.

However, the important thing is that the drive is unhurt. Per Road and Track, the driver pulled over to investigate some sort of issue with the trailer when the fire started. Before long, the trailer full of new Chevrolet Corvette’s is totally engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if any of the cars on the trailer made it out unhurt.

It’s already hard enough to get a Chevrolet Corvette

A red Chevrolet Corvette on stage at an auto show, shot from the 3/4 angle
The new Corvette is hard to find | David McNew via Getty Images

The real bummer here is the overarching consequences for C8 ‘Vette supply. It’s a huge issue, to say the least. Right now, it’s incredibly hard for Chevrolet to get the parts they need to make the car. Arguably, the lack of parts and COVID is more of an issue than having the capability to build more. Obviously, that also means people are driving prices up by paying well over sticker for their Corvette.

Right now, the average sale price of a new ‘Vette is $80,000 or so. That’s almost $20,000 over the car’s MSRP. That means it’s incredibly hard to keep up with demand, to say the least. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much of a solution on the horizon. Bosch, who makes semiconductors, had anything but optimistic news in regard to the chip shortage that’s hamstringing Corvette production.

High demand means your American sports car will have to wait

A white Chevrolet Corvette shot from the rear facing the sea
The Chevrolet Corvette | Chevy

In summary, a truck full of new Corvettes won’t be helping anyone get their car sooner. It’s hard to imagine any of those owners whose cars were on that trailer will want a brand new car that’s been even slightly singed by a fire. Heat can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s electronics. Let’s just hope Chevrolet can catch up on production soon.


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