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Every year, Consumer Reports surveys its members to determine what the most satisfying trucks are. Different variables are taken into account, but it really comes down to if folks would buy the same vehicle again or not. And this year, it looks like the Ford Maverick has taken the cake. Giving Ford’s small truck yet another accolade. 

Is the Ford Maverick a good choice?

It seems like the Ford Maverick does a good job in terms of being a compact pickup. It’s on its second model year now, and actually buying one still feels like quite the undertaking. Orders for the Maverick truck have been full for some time. And that is a reflection of how much folks like this small truck. 

Some key factors likely lead to the Maverick being a satisfying truck. It’s actually affordable, comes with a standard hybrid engine, and still looks like a traditional pickup. Plus, the Blue Oval is usually seen as a good truck manufacturer. 

According to Ford Authority, this pickup actually outranked the other midsize and full-size options that are on the market. And that has to make the folks at Ford feel pretty happy about what they’ve built. 

The Maverick Hybrid keeps winning praise

Although the Ford Maverick offers a more potent turbocharged engine, the base hybrid powertrain seems still popular. Some have reported seeing 50 mpg from the Maverick Hybrid, and if you know about trucks, you should realize how impressive that number is. 

In the past, you did have to pay extra to get the EcoBoost engine. But it appears like that is no longer the case. Still, in terms of fuel consumption, maybe the hybrid engine can give you some legitimate savings. 

There are some downsides to opting for the base engine on the Maverick. For starters, you can’t get the 4,000-pound towing capacity. But something that might impact more shoppers is its lack of all-wheel drive. Hopefully, in the future, the Blue Oval is able to add an AWD system to the Maverick Hybrid. It has been rumored that something could be in the works. 

Are the 2023 Maverick a comfortable small pickup truck?

Having been inside the Maverick, I find it to be comfortable enough. I’ve also been in the Hyundai Santa Cruz and found that to feel a bit more premium. That said, the Ford Maverick is also the more affordable of the two, and it is priced more like an economy car than a truck. 

Ford's small truck, the Maverick, has items loaded into its bed.
Ford Maverick | Ford
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Recall Alert: The 2023 Ford Maverick Faces Towing Problem

Of course, at highway speeds, things can get kind of noisy. But if you’re familiar with trucks, you know sometimes you make compromises in comfort in order to get more utility. It is worth noting that this pickup might not ride how you would expect it to because it is unibody. 

The road manners feel closer to an SUV than a regular truck. Depending on who you are, that could be a pro or a con. At the end of the day, this is still Consumer Reports’ most satisfying truck.