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The popularity of pickup trucks is unmistakable. Last year, the top three vehicles sold in the United States were all trucks. The Ford F-Series continued its dominance as the top seller, the Ram pickup line came in second, and the Chevy Silverado found the bronze medal position. Although the Silverado continues to be third among pickup trucks sold in America, you might find more of what you want in other models. Let’s take a look.

Start with the body shots to the Chevy Silverado

Front angle view of gray 2022 Ram 1500, which has the best Consumer Reports road test score for full-size pickup trucks
2022 Ram 1500 | Ram

One of the most trusted sources, Consumer Reports, tells us there are at least five trucks you should choose before the Silverado. Among full-size trucks, the Silverado outscored only the Ram 1500 Classic, which rides on an outdated platform. The rankings for full-size trucks are:

1. Ram 1500

2. Ford F-150

3. Ford F-250

4. Nissan Titan

5. GMC Sierra

6. Chevy Silverado

7. Ram 1500 Classic

Toyota Tundra – In testing

We can assume the Tundra will earn a score well when it comes out of testing, but that’s only an assumption. If the Tundra reaches a higher score than the Chevy truck, the Silverado will be seventh on the list.

Do Chevy Silverado trucks have problems?

2022 Chevy Silverado Towing a boat. Is there a better truck for you to drive?
2022 Chevy Silverado Towing | Chevrolet

The current generation of Silverado pickups has fewer problems so far than the previous generation. Even so, WVDOT doesn’t recommend models from 2012-2019 which covers the entire previous generation of this truck. Has Chevy fixed all of the problems from those model years? This is a question you should consider.

What truck breaks down the most?

Historically, the Chevy Silverado ranks near the top of the list for reliability, durability, and dependability. It has all the abilities you could ask for and often gives owners many years of excellent driving and work performance. A poorly titled article from Gaming Section offers several ways the Silverado shows up near the top of many positive lists regarding truck qualities.

What truck has the longest-lasting engine?

2022 Toyota Tundra posed
2022 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

The Toyota Tundra typically has the longest-lasting engine among full-size trucks. Previous versions of the Tundra came with only a V8 engine and not the pair of six-cylinder models that we see in the 2022 version. After the Tundra engine, the Chevy Silverado engines last the longest. The Ford F-150 engines follow the Silverado models, giving you a few options for long-lasting engines.

What is the most American-made truck?

If you’re looking for the pickup truck with the most American-made parts, you won’t be looking at the Chevy Silverado. The Toyota Tundra ranks highest among full-size trucks as the most American-made. After that, you have:

  • Ford F-150
  • Ram 1500
  • Nissan Titan
  • Chevy Silverado
  • GMC Sierra

That’s right, both the Toyota and Nissan trucks offer a higher percentage of American-made components than the Silverado.

What should you buy instead of the Chevy Silverado?

2022 Ford F-150 Tremor Off-Road Truck
2022 Ford F-150 Tremor Off-Road Truck | Ford

Trying to answer the main question is difficult. The Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck in America, which should account for something. The Toyota Tundra typically has the longest-lasting engine, but the new engines are unproven. The Ram 1500 is the highest-rated truck by CR, but every full-size truck outranks the Silverado on that list.

As you can see, there are several answers, but only you can decide which truck has the qualities you desire. You might purchase the Chevy Silverado, but now you can approach it a little more objectively and with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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This article was updated on 8/16/2022.


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