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It used to be that trucks were heavy, uncomfortable, and unwieldy things to spend any time in. That has changed over the last several decades, with newer vehicles becoming easier to fit into daily life than ever. For those who daily drive one, interior features like Android Auto and Apple Carplay are important. However, one oft-overlooked feature is what plays your music- the sound system. Time then to sort out which vehicle has the best.

The Ram 1500 is an outstanding truck

Ram's full-size truck offering: the 1500
2020 Ram 1500 truck | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Upon climbing into a newer Ram 1500, one of the first things you’ll notice is the way things feel, especially in the luxury-oriented Limited trim. Leather, while not Rolls-Royce quality, adorns plenty of surfaces. Additionally, a new 12-inch touchscreen dominates the console, according to U.S News. That screen offers plenty of audio adjustability, even if the equalizer is a little hard to find.

Moving on to the speakers themselves, the 1500 is no slouch here. The bass is a little high at first, and that may or may not be your thing. Thankfully that equalizer is there. The Limited trim offers a whopping 19 Harmon Kardon speakers, and the base models can be optioned with them, so keep an eye out if buying used. The tried and true hi-fi experience is great, but the next contender offers some interesting solutions.

The Honda Ridgeline offers an interesting solution

The new midsized Honda Ridgeline truck
A Honda Ridgeline | Daniel Acker via Getty Images

Tailgating is part of the truck lifestyle. Clearly, Honda knows this and thought of an interesting solution that allows you to leave the expensive Bluetooth speaker on the Best Buy shelf. Six speakers line the perimeter of the Ridgeline’s bed. Don’t worry, they’ll stand up to having heavy items tossed into them. Speaking of heavy, sound is pretty solid. The shape of the bed inevitably causes some echoing, but it’s great to see the Japanese brand try something different.

Moving inside, things fall apart a little compared to the 1500. The Ridgeline offers only eight speakers, according to Honda. The 500-odd watt system isn’t as clear as the 1500 either, but they certainly get the job done. To be honest, the Ridgeline may be worth it for the unique in-bed solution alone.

Jeep’s Gladiator takes the crown

The Jeep Gladiator on display
Jeep Gladiator | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Within two seconds of listening to any of Jeep’s stereos, any competition is wiped away. It’s hard to point out a negative of the Gladiator’s audio system. Though there’s only four speakers in the entire truck, the system pulls a lot of weight while offering plenty of volume and adjustability. The Gladiator also has a party trick.

A removable Bluetooth speaker in the bed offers similar audio quality on the go. Fitting of the Jeep, the speaker is incredibly durable, waterproof for up to 30 minutes in three feet of water. There’s nothing like it on the list, and if audio is all you care about in your new truck, the Gladiator takes the crown. Are you not entertained?


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