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People have been modifying Triumph motorcycles to be desert sleds for years. To make these bikes more dual-sport-like, usually requires knobby tires, high fenders, and scrambler exhaust. After all these many long years, Triumph has finally made the shocking announcement that it is starting to build motocross and enduro motorcycles

A silhoutte of a motorbike is seen during the Moto Cross side car World Cup Final. Triumph is getting into motocross and enduro
A silhouette of a motorbike | Sandra Behne/Bongarts/Getty Images

Triumph rolls up its sleeves and gets dirty

Steve McQueen riding a vintage Triumph
Steve McQueen as Capt. Virgil ‘The Cooler King’ Hilts in The Great Escape

According to Cycle World, Triumph has just moved into its most dramatic undertaking since John Bloor brought the British icon back from the brink of doom more than 30 years ago. For over 120 years, Triumph has been one of the most important names in motorcycles. That whole time it really only made bikes for the road (even if most of them were dirt in 1902).

This announcement means a whole slew of new Triumph machines is on the way. This is very exciting news for any Triumph or off-road riding fans. If the prospect of off-road Triumphs isn’t exciting enough on its own, Triumph has been clever and brought on two of the most famous off-road riders of all time to help develop the new bikes; Ricky Carmichael and Iván Cervantes. 

What exactly does the Brits have planned for these enduro and motocross bikes?


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Triumph has kept most details surrounding this new venture pretty close to the vest as one could expect. ALl the British bike makers have said so far is that “development is well underway on a comprehensive range of all-new motocross and enduro motorcycles.” That’s that good word. 

Although Triumph has yet to provide any details on what these bikes are going to look like, how they will perform, or anything else, for that matter, we should be catching some details over the coming months. 

Moving off-road is a strong choice for any motorcycle maker

We have seen a massive push to off-highway vehicles (OHV) since the onset of COVID-19 in March of 2020. As the travel, restaurant, and event marketplaces shut down, consumers started to put their money in off-road vehicles of all kinds. 

The RV market positively exploded in what felt like overnight. The other market that shot into the stratosphere is OHVs like dirt bikes, adventure bikes, ATVs, four-wheelers, and side-by-sides. Since everything indoors was shut, the outdoors were ripe for the picking. 

For Triumph to jump onboard at this time, after years of Triumphs, riders converting their street bikes into something closer to a BMW adventure- or Dakar-style bike makes perfect sense. 

The numbers are hard to ignore here. According to Cycle World, Motorcycle Industry Council figures show that in 2020, despite—or perhaps due to—the coronavirus pandemic, off-highway motorcycle sales rose 46.5 percent compared to 2019, and the trajectory has continued into 2021, with first-quarter off-highway sales up a further 45.4 percent. 

The off-road motorcycle world will see a bunch of new, totally new models, which it is hungry for. With major makers like Harley-Davidson and now Triumph digging into the dirt stuff, the marketplace should get stronger and more competitive. Hell, with Triumph in the game, the off-road bikes should at least get a little more classy.