Travel in Comfort This Christmas with the 2021 Toyota Avalon

It’s finally that time of year: not just Christmas, but the time when 2021 models are finally hitting the dealership lots. This year has been hard on so many people and business industries, and we expected to see a delay in many of the new 2021 models. Lucky for us, the new year for the Toyota Avalon made it the cut, and it might be the perfect vehicle to kick off the holiday season — especially if you are traveling.

Space for Santa Claus

If you’re traveling for the holidays, chances are you are carrying more cargo than usual. Bags for clothes can be squeezed into most cars, but traveling with food, treats, and even presents can require a little bit more space. No matter how far you are traveling, whether it’s across town or across the country, presents in big boxes with beautiful bows can take up a lot of space, and for a relatively small sedan like the Toyota Avalon, you might be surprised with the number of gifts you can fit in the trunk.

2021 Toyota Avalon Limited AWD
2021 Toyota Avalon Limited AWD | Toyota

Comfort and luxury

Being in a car for an extended amount of time can be hard on your body. Having the proper cushioning and lumbar support can be just as important to your sanity as having a BlueTooth for music. Luckily for us, the 2021 Toyota Avalon has all of the creature comforts you could want to spend hours or even days in your cars.

The front seats of a 2021 Avalon.
2021 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition | Toyota

The Toyota Avalon

The 2021 Toyota Avalon might not seem like the most exciting thing on the market, but there are more than enough reasons to get excited about test driving one. For a starting price of around $36,000, you can expect a surprising amount of luxury. Even better, you can rely on the Toyota reliability we’ve come to know and love, and not have to worry about whether your car is going to help you get where you are going, or leave you stranded on the side of the road.

2021 Toyota Avalon in the snow
2021 Toyota Avalon | Toyota

What’s So Great About Toyota Cars?

So what sets the 2021 Toyota Avalon apart from the competition? That’s simple: with the Avalon, you get all of the luxuries and features you want for a car at this price point, without having to worry about expensive maintenance and repairs that you see from some German brands and older cars. If you want to splurge on a brand new car for the holidays, buy something affordable without making too many compromises, like the 2021 Toyota Avalon.