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If you’re into mountain biking then you probably have a vehicle that’s large enough to transport a bike, or multiple bikes, with ease. Many mountain bike enthusiasts purchase SUVs like Nissan Xterras, Honda CR-Vs, or Subarus in order to get them and their bike to the trails safely while others invest in trucks. But what if your daily driver happens to be a sports car? Can you transport a mountain bike in one of those?

A trunk-mounted bike rack is a quick and affordable way to mount a bike on a sports car

TORONTO, ON – JULY 13: Daisuke Ishikawa of Gears Bike Shop in Mississauga mounts a trunk mount bike carrier rack by Saris. This model sells for about $200 and can accommodate cars, trucks and SUV’s and will carry up to 3 bikes. For Henry Stancu wheels story on the best place to put your bike rack. June 16, 2014. (Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

If you currently drive a sports car like a Honda S2000 or a Nissan 370Z, for example, then you won’t be able to stuff a mountain bike inside of it, no matter how much you try. Fortunately, there are trunk-mounted bike racks on the market that can fit almost any small car. Installation is simple and these types of racks typically have a padded bar and adjustable straps to keep the bike, or bikes, in place.

Also, trunk mounts are more affordable than most other bike mounting solutions as most of them cost anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on the brand that you buy.

A roof-mounted bike rack could work as well

 Chris Porter unloads his mountain bike from the car rack in a church parking lot off Rt. 77 in Cape Elizabeth where off some road trails originate.
Chris Porter unloads his mountain bike from the car rack in a church parking lot off Rt. 77 in Cape Elizabeth where off some road trails originate. | (Photo by Doug Jones/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

If your sports car has a large enough roof, then a tried-and-true roof rack could work as well. With a roof rack, you’ll be able to mount a bike or two right on the roof of the car, however, do note that it can be tougher to hoist the bikes up onto the racks. Also, some sports cars aren’t able to accept the mounts that some racks require, so other mounting methods could be preferable.

If you want to transport your bike for free, then you can always just stuff it into the car

If you don’t want to mess with a roof or trunk-mounted rack, then you can always stuff the bike into the car. Of course, finagling it into your car can be tricky, but it’s possible. Gander Outdoors has a good method for sticking a bike into your small car:

  • Fold the rear seats down in order to gain more space for the bike
  • Line your car with a blanket, newspaper, or tarp to protect the seat backs, trunk, and carpet from getting dirty
  • Remove the tires, or at least the front one. If your bike is equipped with quick release levers, then this will be easy. If not, then this step could take some time
  • Put the bike in the car sideways with the chain facing up in order to protect the drivetrain. This part might take some time, but work slowly and make sure the handlebars don’t scratch anything
  • You can also cover the bike with tarp or a blanket to keep it protected
  • Load the front wheel into the car and in safe place so it doesn’t slide around

If you can get the bike into your car safely and securely, then you’ll enjoy the benefits of not having to mount it on any racks and it will be safer from theft.

A vacuum-mounted rack can save time

A vacuum-mounted rack
A vacuum-mounted rack |

If your car doesn’t have the space to fit a bike in its rear seat area or it can’t accept a traditional roof rack, then a vacuum-mounted rack could work. These types of racks use large suction cups that can stick to the roof, trunk, or hatch of your car, which makes them extremely versatile. After sticking the suction cups in the desired spots, you can then mount the bike as you would on a traditional roof rack, although it’s a little easier. Also, you can easily transfer a vacuum-mounted rack to another car if needed.

While there’s no one perfect way to transport a mountain bike in a sports car, there are a few different options to try. The best part is that by using one of these solutions, you won’t have to buy a large SUV any time soon and can continue enjoying your sports car every day – even when you want to hit the trails.


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