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You’ve heard of Trans Am Worldwide (TAW), haven’t you? They’re the Tallahassee, Florida, muscle car makers. Not original muscle cars, but instead modern interpretations based on the current Chevrolet Camaro. While it doesn’t seem like the Camaro can morph into a classic GTO or Firebird Trans Am, take a look.

What did Trans Am Worldwide build before its latest 70/SS Chevelle?

Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS Chevelle muscle car reimagination | TAW

They’ve been around for a few years, starting with transforming Camaros into a coupe and convertible series of the 1970s Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Various limited-edition conversions of Camaros transformed into Firebirds ensued. Different design cues from various years of the iconic Firebird are available in different series. The five limited-edition series included the Firebird Super Duty racing series, Firebird Bandit Edition, Firebird Hurst Trans Am, Hurst Judge GTO, and Firebird Trans Am. 

Trans Am Worldwide GTO Judge muscle car reimagination | TAW

From there, it released another Pontiac favorite, the late-1960s and early-1970s GTO. With the Firebird, arguably the most recognizable is the black with gold accents and screaming chicken hood Trans Am. For the GTO, it is the Judge, and in both cases, TAW did limited edition versions, among various other reinterpretations of iconic Firebirds and GTOs. 

How is the Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS optioned?

Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS Chevelle muscle car reimagination | TAW

Its most ambitious transformation is its most recent, and the only one TAW makes now, is its 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle, called 70/SS. A complete rebody, in carbon fiber, is necessary to pull this off. To our eyes, it is convincing. Three versions are currently available, the 70/SS, what TAW calls its base version, the 70/SS 396 Heritage Model, and the 70/SS 454 LS6X Limited Edition.  

With the base version, you get the 450 hp V8, the same horsepower as the original 1970 LS6 454 Chevelle. There is also the cowl induction hood, rally stripes, and redesigned interior to add 1970 Super Sport elements to it. The Camaro instruments are refaced, and various wheel designs are offered. Two engine packages are available, either the supercharged LS or the twin-turbocharged LS. Both the coupe and convertible are available. 

For the Heritage model, more options are available. You can have retro door handles, or have them shaved. Both 20-inch Cragar-like mag wheels and Mach V wheels are your choices. Two engine options offer either an 800 hp or 900 hp with twin turbos. 

What is the LS6XS?

Hurst T/A
Trans Am Worldwide Hurst T/A Firebird reimagination | TAW

Stepping up to the LS6X performance version comes with either 900 hp or 1000 hp twin-turbo engines unless you go for the ultimate package. For it, the LS comes with 1500 hp. Going with that oversized brakes and an upgraded suspension and axles are added. For this 1500-hp monster, production is limited to 25 cars. 

Both manual and automatic transmissions are available, 3-inch cat-back exhaust, beefier sway bars, lowering springs, and Michelin Cup 2R 335/20/30 tires front and rear, with eight standard colors and 11 optional paint colors. And the price? The Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS starts at $165,000. 


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