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In the world of hybrid vehicles, Toyota has long led the pack. With the Toyota Prius celebrating over 20 years of production, Toyota has widened its hybrid lineup to include a number of its SUVs. Because of this, buyers can get the utility of an SUV without taking as big of a hit on efficiency. Whether you are shopping for a plug-in hybrid like the RAV4 Prime or a larger option such as the Highlander Hybrid, Toyota builds a number of compelling vehicles.

Which Toyota SUVs are hybrid?

A Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SUV is displayed at an auto show.
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

A majority of Toyota SUVs offer a hybrid option or come standard with a hybrid powertrain. These vehicles include the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid, and Venza. Because of this, shoppers can benefit from a range of options while searching for an automotive improvement.

If you are in search of a hybrid SUV that offers three rows of seating, the 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is equipped with a third row. It also delivers on a number of safety features and tech to deliver a modern driving experience. The starting MSRP of the Highlander Hybrid is $39,055.

The RAV4 has not been immune to the hybrid treatment. Both a traditional hybrid system and a plug-in hybrid system are available. The 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime has a starting price of $39,800. It comes standard with all-wheel drive as well as an estimated range of 42 miles for EV-only driving.

Other Toyota hybrid models include the 2022 Toyota Venza, which is exclusively hybrid. This vehicle is available in a range of trim levels and offers sought-after features.

Are Toyota hybrids good?

A Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV in a parking garage.
Toyota Highlander Hybrid | via Toyota Media

Toyota has a rich history of producing good, hybrid vehicles. And now, this knowledge has spread to Toyota’s lineup of SUVs. According to U.S. News, multiple Toyota models made their “Best Hybrid and Electric SUVs for 2022” list. This is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to modernizing its offerings.

Better yet, each Toyota hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle that is model year 2020 and newer, comes backed by a warranty. This warranty covers 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. Adding to overall peace of mind.

Should you buy a hybrid SUV?

A three-row SUV from Toyota, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.
Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

If you are shopping for a vehicle that offers both utility and efficiency, it is likely that a hybrid SUV is the correct pick for you. By opting for a hybrid SUV, you will not have to sacrifice on things like interior space. Which is likely to be appreciated.

By choosing to make Toyota your brand of choice, you can benefit from an array of SUV models. Whether you are shopping for a compact crossover or something with three rows, Toyota’s current lineup is focused on bringing hybrid technology to its vehicles.


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