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Toyota was an early adopter of electric vehicles with the Prius back in 1997. Since then, the electric vehicle craze has exploded. Working together with Subaru, Toyota hopes to have a full 15-vehicle lineup available by 2025. That even includes an electric pickup truck like the Tundra.

Toyota is full speed ahead with electric vehicles

The Toyota Motor Corp. "Beyond Zero" bZ4X electric vehicle
The Toyota Motor Corp. “Beyond Zero” bZ4X electric SUV | Qilai Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Many brands worked overtime to get ahead of the electric vehicle trend, but Toyota was lagging. With this announcement, it seems the brand was ironing out all of the details behind the scenes.

With a new electric vehicle lineup in the works, Toyota will be busy for the next few years. By 2025, the brand hopes to have a total of 70 electric vehicles. The rest of the 15 bZ BEV models also have a release date by 2025.

Toyota focuses on “mobility for all,” which means electric vehicles within every driver’s budget. With Toyota and Subaru working together on these new vehicles, we can expect many solid cars shortly.

China and Japan will likely see the bZ4X before the U.S. does, but we should anticipate seeing it sometime in 2022. Based on prices of similar vehicles, the bZ4X will likely be priced around $40,000.

The Toyota bZ4X battery electric vehicle (BEV)

Toyota announced in a press release that the new Toyota bZ4X would be the first car in the new bZ series. Toyota has announced that there will be seven bZ models and 15 total battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the lineup.

The bZ name stands for Beyond Zero and will be part of the label for future Toyota vehicles. Beyond Zero is also a nod to the idea of zero emissions, but taking that a step further.

In addition to being a very futuristic vehicle, the bZ4X will have a solar recharging system. This means that the car can be regenerating charge even when it is stationary. That makes the bZ4X even more convenient to drive!

The bZ4X will be similar in size to the very popular Toyota RAV4 but will obviously be all-electric. In addition to the bZ4X, Toyota plans to release many cars and even an electric pickup truck.

What else can we expect from Subaru and Toyota?

We can expect a lot. Toyota is likely going to release electric vehicles that are similar to vehicles currently in the lineup. The bZ4X is being compared to the popular RAV4 model.

The brand also promises a pickup truck, which we can expect to resemble the Toyota Tacoma or Tundra. Toyota has a history of perfection, which could explain why we have not seen many EVs from the brand.

With the release of the bZ4X, we can bet some exciting concepts are being worked on behind the scenes. The Japanese automaker has been working on perfecting the next generation of electric vehicles.

Additionally, Subaru is likely going to produce a version based on this concept. Since we won’t see the bZ4X until 2022-ish, perhaps Subaru will offer a similar announcement soon.


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