Toyota Unveils New Yaris Crossover SUV

Toyota recently unveiled its completely new 2021 Yaris Cross compact  SUV and it’s kind of a big deal. The Yaris Cross is a follow up to the regenerated lineage of Yaris compact cars back in October 2019. With the Yaris Cross, Toyota is promising incredible fuel efficiency stemming from its updated hybrid methodology and of course, cutting-technology and safety features.

The official debut of the Yaris Cross was set for the Geneva Motor Show back in March but was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Redefining the Crossover SUV

Toyota is on a mission to reinvent the crossover SUV. The Yaris Cross is available in two powertrain options: the 1.5-liter inline three-cylinder engine with the choice of a CVT or six-speed manual transmission and the hybrid version which features Toyota’s Atkinson Cycle gas engine and electric motor. 

The Yaris Cross is shaped like a tall version of its hatchback predecessor but its exterior is slightly more futuristic and muscular.  It has the presence of an SUV but its measurements are quite small, smaller than the carmaker’s C-HR SUV. 

2021 Yaris Cross| Toyota

On the inside, the Yaris Cross looks very familiar since its interior design is basically the same as the 2020 Yaris and there’s nothing wrong with that. This year’s Yaris model gained notoriety for abandoning its basic, low-budget roots and replacing it with a more please subcompact car experience. This is in part due to its relation to the Mazda CX-3 which is known for its value and efficiency. 

Yaris Cross Interior Prototype

The cabin interior of the Yaris Cross has a two-tone color scheme and is cute, sleek, and inviting. The most apparent interior difference between the Yaris Cross and the Yaris is that the Cross version has a singular speedometer. The Yaris Cross also features slightly different interior fabric. Naturally, the Yaris Cross also offers more seating and cargo space. 

Toyota Yaris Cross Will Hit Showrooms In Japan and Europe

Toyota says that the new Yaris Cross will be manufactured at its East Japan facility and available for sale in Japan in the fall. The European version will be produced at its facility in France and should be in showrooms by the middle of next year if all goes as planned.

Sadly, the carmaker didn’t mention the Yaris Cross being available for sale in the U.S. Although, there are rumors from Car and Driver that Toyota will be producing a similar vehicle named the Corrolla Cross, and that name has been trademarked in the U.S. It would likely be made slightly larger to appease U.S. customers who are not as into compact cars as the European market is. Nevertheless, we will have to add the Yaris Cross to another Yaris dream list.

Toyota Yaris History

The Toyota Yaris was first produced in 1999 with the first version only available as a hatchback. The sedan body style was introduced in 2013. The Yaris was also marketed as a two-door coupe under the Toyota Echo nameplate in some regions until the official name change in 2005. As of this past March, exactly 8.71 million units have been sold worldwide.