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With the price of new trucks being what they are, many shoppers find themselves looking to the used market in order to get a full-size truck. One popular model among buyers is the Toyota Tundra, which is Toyota’s large truck. When maintained properly, the Tundra is a truck that is known to be able to pack on the miles. But is it worth it to buy a full-size pickup with high mileage? Several factors must be considered, even with the longevity that the Toyota brand is known for.

Should you buy a used Toyota Tundra?

Buying any used truck can quickly become overwhelming, but if you can find a used Toyota Tundra for the right price, it is likely a good buy. Although you may not be able to get some of the benefits that come from a new Toyota Tundra, you can likely save some money. A 2022 Toyota Tundra has a starting MSRP of $35,950, and that is for the base truck. In order to get options or a nicer model, you will have to pay well over $35,000.

A used Toyota Tundra shows off in some winter weather as a full-size truck.
Toyota Tundra | Boston Herald via Getty Images

That said, even with over 100,000 miles on the odometer, the Tundra can still be expensive. Even Tundra trucks from 2010 and older can fetch prices above $10,000. Still, with that price, you can get a full-size truck with the capability of a V8 engine. And the high prices that used Tundras can demand are a reflection of the quality of truck that Toyota has built. 

What is the best year model Tundra to buy?

If you are comfortable buying a full-size truck that is over a decade old, the 2009 Toyota Tundra is one of the top models to get. This vehicle came with a potent V8 engine along with an interior that is fairly comfortable.

Additionally, this truck was built to take a beating. Whether you are shopping for a work truck or something ready for off-road adventures, the 2009 Tundra is up to the task. Of course, there are other Tundra models that are worth considering. These include model years such as 2019, 2015, and 2011, just plan to spend more if you opt for a newer truck. 

How many miles does a Tundra usually last?

While no truck will last forever, the Tundra is known for being able to pack on the miles. According to Car Covers, the Toyota Tundra can easily take on over 200,000 so long as proper maintenance and repair are performed properly. There is even a 2007 Tundra pickup truck that lasted over one million miles. Which is truly an impressive feat for a vehicle, and it adds to the legend of Toyota reliability.

A black Toyota Tundra pickup truck sits in front of a lake. It is a used full-size truck worth buying.
Toyota Tundra | Boston Herald via Getty Images

We do not expect every Toyota Tundra to pass the one million mile mark, but buying a high mileage Tundra may not have to be as much of a compromise as it may seem. Just be sure to conduct the proper research before you buy a used pickup truck, even with something as reliable as the Tundra.


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