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“They don’t make them like they used to” is a phrase often used when discussing cars. It’s true; they don’t. Instead, they make them better, especially when considering a vehicle’s reliability and life expectancy calculated in miles. The top winner in that metric are Toyota vehicles.

What are the most reliable car brands?

The Toyota Marin dealership with trucks and SUVs parked in its lot located in San Rafael, California
The Toyota Marin dealership | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

iSeeCars recently dove into reliability data for millions of cars, looking for those that reach 200,000 miles. It found that, on average, 1.2% of all cars make it to 200,000 miles. These five brands produced cars that made that milestone at above-average rates.

  • Toyota – 2.3%
  • Honda – 1.9%
  • GMC – 1.8%
  • Chevrolet – 1.6%
  • Ford – 1.5%

Toyota is the most reliable car brand

Toyota topped iSeeCars’ list of the most reliable car brands, with 2.3% of Toyota models sold reaching at least 200,000 miles. In its ‘Top 15 Longest-Lasting Cars’ list, the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV earned the top spot with 18.2% reaching the 200,000-mile mark. 

Other reliable Toyota models include SUVs such as the Sequoia and 4Runner, pickup trucks like the Tacoma and Tundra, hybrid cars including the Toyota Prius and Highlander, and the Sienna minivan. The automaker also offers reliable sedans such as the Avalon, Corolla, and Camry. 

Honda trailed Toyota as the second most reliable car brand

In second place on the list is Honda, which has 1.9% of its cars reaching 200,000 miles. Models such as the Ridgeline pickup truck and the Odyssey minivan top the list of reliable Hondas. Honda also offers dependable SUVs like the CR-V and Pilot models and sedans such as the Accord and Civic. 

Does GMC make any reliable cars?

Yes, it does. In fact, with 1.8% of its vehicles making it to 200,000 miles, GMC comes in a close third on the list behind Honda. The GMC Yukon XL and the slightly smaller GMC Yukon are the most reliable GMC models but don’t forget the popular GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck. 

1.6% of Chevrolet models reached 200,000 miles

Chevrolet is fourth on the list, with 1.6% of its cars still on the road with 200,000 miles. Like GMC, Chevrolet’s most reliable models are its large SUVs, with the Suburban and Tahoe leading the way. The full-size Silverado 1500 pickup and discontinued Impala sedan are other reliable examples from Chevrolet. 

Does Ford have good reliability?

Fifth on the list, Ford represents the third American brand, with 1.5% of its cars meeting the 200,000-mile threshold. Like the other brands on the list, Ford’s large SUV, the Expedition, is its most reliable model. Ford also makes the smaller Explorer SUV, the F-150 pickup truck, and the famous Mustang muscle car. 

Large SUVs lead the list

Interestingly, large SUVs lead the list over passenger cars. Toyota’s large SUVs dominate the competition, with 18.2% of its Toyota Land Cruisers and 14.2% of Toyota Sequoias still in service when the odometer reaches 200,000 miles, compared to Chevrolet Suburban with 6.6% and the GMC Yukon XL with 5.2%. The Toyota Avalon and Toyota Prius are the first passenger cars on the list, each with 3.9% making it to 200,000 miles.