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If you’re shopping for a new or used pickup truck, then you know how difficult the market is right now. With so few trucks available, how can you know which one to buy? The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best used pickup trucks on the market. Yet it isn’t quite the best, or at least it isn’t according to iSeeCars. So what keeps the Toyota Tacoma from being the best used midsize pickup truck, and what pickup bumps it out of the top spot?

A light gray 2021 Toyota Tacoma with a kid skateboarding by.
2021 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

The Toyota Tacoma is the second-best used pickup truck you can buy

If you want a really great used pickup truck, the Toyota Tacoma is a solid choice. iSeeCars gives it an overall 8.5 out of 10. That includes a reliability score of 8.5, a retained value score of 8.9, and a safety score of 8.0. iSeeCars says “The Tacoma comes in many configurations and offers a comfortable ride that is suitable for a daily driver with the capability to haul heavy loads up to 6,800 pounds.”

In addition, the Toyota Tacoma is a fairly affordable pickup truck. A brand new 2022 Toyota Tacoma starts at $38,241. You won’t save a whole lot by buying a used Tacoma, but it may be easier to find. A three-year-old Toyota Tacoma price starts at $34,803.

The Honda Ridgeline is the best used pickup truck

So which pickup truck edges out the Toyota Tacoma to take the coveted top spot? That’s the Honda Ridgeline. With an overall score of 9.0, the Ridgeline has a comfortable lead over the Tacoma. Its 9.0 overall score combines a reliability score of 8.6, a retained value score of 8.4, and a very impressive safety score of 10.0.

You’ll save a good amount of money if you can buy a three-year-old Honda Ridgeline. Brand new, the Honda Ridgeline costs $41,198. Used, that price drops to $32,942. iSeeCars says that it has a “unique unibody design that gives it the ride quality and comfort of an SUV with the function of a pickup truck.”

Several great pickups round out the top trucks


The 2022 Toyota Tacoma Is 1 Key Rating Away From a Top Safety Award

The Nissan Frontier may have the same overall score as several other trucks, but it offers stability across its score. It has a reliability rating of 8.0, a retained value of 8.0, and a safety score of 8.0. You’ll pay $26,184 for a used Nissan Frontier.

After the Frontier comes the GMC Canyon. It has a slightly lower reliability score than the pickup trucks above, at a 7.8. It also has a retained value score of 8.2 and a safety score of 8.0. A new 2022 Nissan Frontier costs $39,907 and a three-year old Frontier will cost you $33,193.

While the Toyota Tacoma may not be considered the best used pickup truck, it’s certainly near the top of the list. It’s a well-deserved spot. With the Toyota Tacoma’s great reliability rating, retained value, and excellent safety score, the Toyota Tacoma is a solid choice for a used pickup truck.