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Rumors are flying, and speculation is high that an electrified version of the Toyota Tacoma is on the way. The next generation of the midsize Toyota is due to arrive for the 2024 model year, at the latest, and it should bring a host of new upgrades.

Is Toyota going to make an electric Tacoma?

This could be what the Toyota Tacoma Electric looks like
Toyota Tacoma Electric Rendering | Toyota

One of the biggest rumors in the works for the new Tacoma is whether or not this Toyota truck will be offered as an EV. Nothing specific or concrete has been offered, but Car and Driver tells us a Tacoma Electric might have made its first public appearance recently. That information is still unconfirmed.

What platform could a Tacoma EV use?

Will Toyota follow the same path as the Ford F-150 Lightning? The Ford truck uses a specified EV platform but shares body panels with the gas version to give us an EV truck that we recognize as the F-150. Would Toyota do the same, or will they use the same frame for both gas and EV models while fitting the electric underpinnings to the gasoline structure?

This could be one of the most important questions surrounding a new Toyota Tacoma Electric pickup truck.

Will Toyota ever make a hybrid Tacoma?

This Toyota Tacoma Electric Rendering is possibly what this midsize truck will look like
Toyota Tacoma Electric Rendering | Toyota

The success of the Prius brought hybrid powertrains to many Toyota and Lexus models, but not the Tacoma yet. The current platform for the Tundra offers a hybrid powertrain, as does the upcoming 2023 Toyota Sequoia.

That said, we aren’t sure if the new Toyota Tacoma midsize truck will have a hybrid powertrain or not. Gear Patrol reports that one Toyota insider thinks this new generation truck will use a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine from the Lexus NX, giving it 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. If true, the new Tacoma would offer more power from a smaller engine than the current model.

Toyota’s stated electric goals add more questions than answers for the Tacoma

Toyota has said every model will have an electrified option by 2025. This puts a due date on at least a hybrid version of the Tacoma arriving by that date. Could Toyota skip past hybrid or PHEV models to give us an electric Tacoma? It’s certainly possible.

How much will the Toyota electric midsize truck cost?

Although unconfirmed, we expect an electric version of the Toyota Tacoma to start at $50,000. Considering the price of some other EV trucks, this price is in the ballpark.

What do we expect of a Toyota Tacoma Electric truck?

Whether it’s the first mainstream brand to offer a midsize EV truck or others jump ahead of it, we expect an electrified model to be a true Tacoma. This means offering a good driving range on a full charge, plenty of towing power, and lots of options.

The current version of the Toyota Tacoma is configurable in 30 different ways. While an EV model won’t start with as many trims and package options, we expect any version of this midsize truck to give us plenty of ways to enjoy the drive.

Look for more information regarding an EV version of the Tacoma as we come closer to this truck becoming a reality.

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This article was updated on 2/3/2023.