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With a cryptic and cheeky tweet, Toyota revealed what appeared to be a manual car, and it might be the Supra. Toyota’s tweet accompanies a picture of a Supra’s footwell, complete with three pedals. What else do we know, though? It isn’t entirely clear which powertrains will be married to a manual transmission or whether the sister BMW Z4 will get a stick. One thing is for certain: the manual Supra has been confirmed.

The New Toyota Supra will have a three-pedal setup

Toyota Supra: The Manual Supra Has Been Confirmed
2022 Toyota Supra | Toyota

Toyota’s reboot of the JDM legend is a great car. The car is light, fast, and radically styled. Until recently, though, the Toyota sports coupe has been automatic only. Although the car is popular and sought after, the lack of a manual in the lineup is a shame. That is subject to change with Toyota’s recent tweet. Some folks are saying that the move to install a manual is simply to stave off the popularity of the upcoming Nissan Z. Either way, there is a lot to be excited about with the prospect of manual transmission in a new Toyota Supra.

Which Supra will get the manual?

Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Straight Pipes

The hot little sports coupe is currently available in a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. The former makes 255 horsepower, and the latter produces a very healthy 382 horsepower. Currently, customers have only the 8-speed automatic transmission to enjoy. Both cars are respectable performers, with MotorTrend suggesting that the 2.0L four-cylinder Toyota Supra is composed and confidence-inspiring through corners. That may seem silly with the option of the 3.0L inline six-cylinder engine, but the 2.0L is undoubtedly less of an animal.

The 3.0L Supra, much like the 2.0L, uses a BMW-sourced powertrain, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The 3.0L Supra with an 8-speed manual transmission will dispose of a sprint to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. That is seriously quick. Adding a manual to either car will certainly slow down the run to 60 mph, but it will definitely add a driving sensation. The transmission will likely be a six-speed manual, mirroring that of the BMW M cars.

How much will the manual Toyota Supra cost?

Toyota Supra: The Manual Supra Has Been Confirmed
2022 Toyota Supra | Toyota

US News reports that the latest 2.0L Toyota Supra has a starting price of $43,190. The bigger brother 3.0L car has a starting price of $51,540. While these prices are for the 8-speed automatic variants, it is likely that the manuals of either motor displacement will be similarly priced.

When can we expect to see the first manual Toyota Supra?

According to Roadshow, Toyota has been sticking to a pattern of yearly updates and upgrades for the BMW-aligned Supra. In that same vein, it seems likely that Toyota will release the manual variant of the car in 2023. Whether the BMW Z4 will get a manual transmission to echo its sister car is also unclear. Either way, a new Supra with a manual is definitely something to consider when shopping for a new sports coupe.


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