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Toyota’s legendary fourth-generation Supra stopped production in 2002, and parts production stopped along with it. Because of that, the cost of rarer parts has skyrocketed in tandem with values for the popular JDM sports car. Now, the Japanese marque has resumed production of third and fourth-gen Toyota Supra parts. This is fantastic news for owners of both the third generation and fourth generation Supra. We’ll try to keep the Fast and Furious jokes to a minimum (we won’t).

The cost of owning a Toyota Supra may drop

A red Supra on a canyon road in the mid-90s
1994 Toyota Supra | Toyota

Now, parts manufacturing will be handled by a separate branch of the Japanese automaker. The brand’s recently introduced Gazoo Racing arm is handling production. This is good news, as the new performance-focused arm of Toyota can apply all their skill to reproducing once-rare parts. Ideally, this will serve to reduce the cost of Toyota Supra parts for both third and fourth-gen models.

However, not everything you see listed on Gazoo’s site is going to be overnighted from Japan. Yes, reproduction of parts has started but most parts won’t be shipping to the United States until fall 2021 at the earliest. For some parts, shipping dates have not even been announced yet. Unfortunately, if you need a Supra badge, you’ll have to wait until the brand’s racing division announces a shipping timeline.

There’s a plethora of (overnight) parts available

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious Supra
The movie that brought the Supra to life | Photo by Universal via Getty Images

Currently, there’s 41 parts available for order for third and fourth-generation Toyota Supras. 30 parts, including harder-to-find parts like water hoses, are for the third-gen A70 Supra. Right now, there’s only 11 you can order for your MKIV Supra. Happily, you can get commonly damaged parts like front bumpers and headlights. Unfortunately, pricing isn’t listed on the brand’s website. It’s safe to assume it’ll at least be cheaper than a SPOON motor a week before Race Wars.

It’s safe to say there’s some ups and downs to be expected if you’re looking to finish that ten-second car you owe someone. But, there’s some more good news. If you ask Toyota very nicely, they’ll let you put in a request for parts to be made. The automaker doesn’t say what parts they will and won’t let you special order but assume it won’t be cheap. Frankly, if you need more common Toyota Supra parts, the aftermarket is always there for you.

Toyota isn’t the only manufacturer doing this

A black Supra at sunset in Malibu
1994 Toyota Supra | Toyota

It’s great to see Toyota acknowledging just how special early Supras are. Nissan has done the same thing with the Skyline. The fine folks at Nissan will make you far more parts than Toyota will, too. Moreover, they’ve been doing it for longer. So, not a particularly original idea on the behalf of Toyota, but not all ideas need to be original to be good. We look forward to seeing parts production expanding for the Supra, and with any luck, it’ll help bring down the absurd prices people are asking for these 90s JDM icons.


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