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The wait is finally over for Toyota Supra fans! The pleas and cries for the enthusiast-favorite manual transmission have been answered. After months of rumors and leaks, Toyota recently put out a press release outlining the details of manual transmissions in the GR Supra. However, not all trim levels are available with the six-speed option. If you want the A91-MT, you’ll have to hope you’re one of the first 500 in line.

The A91-MT special edition GR Supra will be a run of only 500 examples

Alcantara 200 gram gear shifter inside the A91-MT limited edition manual transmission Toyota Supra
A91-MT alcantara shift knob | Toyota

Toyota put out a press release outlining what models of the Supra are available with a manual transmission. As expected, the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder models will not be available for purchase with a six-speed. However, it appears all models equipped with the 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine do, in fact, offer the option to go manual. Additionally, a special edition of the Supra called the A91-MT is available, but Toyota will make only 500.

The A91-MT gets its name from the current generation Supra’s chassis designation (A91) and the fact that it’s marking the milestone of releasing the cars with a manual transmission (MT).

The A91-MT has a few other special features that are unique to it. For one, it features special red badging, including the Supra emblem on the back and the Toyota logo upfront. Additionally, the brake calipers and strut braces are available with a matching red paint job. The A91-MT Supra is also available only in two special colors. They are Matte White or CU Later Gray. Yes, that’s the real name of the paint.

Finally, the A91-MT has some special interior features, too. It comes with an alcantara shift knob and cognac leather seats.

Toyota has yet to release the pricing of the A91-MT or any manual transmission Supras. However, it’s safe to assume that the special edition cars will cost a bit extra.

What other features do manual Supra models have?

Toyota Supra: The Manual Supra Has Been Confirmed
2022 Toyota Supra Toyota | Toyota

Toyota says that the manual transmission components are based on ones that already existed. So, it’s safe to assume that this is similar to the manual transmission found in the Supra’s sister car, the BMW Z4. However, Toyota adds that they did some adjusting to make the components more lightweight. Additionally, the Supra comes with a high-performance large-diameter clutch.

It also uses Toyota’s intelligent manual transmission (iMT) technology. It uses performance-enhancing software to maximize torque on upshifts and hunt for the perfect RPM on downshifts. That way, your gear changes are smooth and elegant, both up and down. Drivers can, however, shut this feature off.

Toyota also equipped manual Supra models with a special “Hairpin+” mode that’s designed for use on windy roads with a greater than five percent grade. It allows “freewheel spin” that lets the car slide a bit. In essence, Toyota added a mode specifically for driving mountain passes and getting a little sideways. Props, Toyota!

Overall, the addition of a manual transmission to the Toyota Supra has resolved many car enthusiasts’ biggest qualms with it. However, there are undoubtedly still plenty of excuses to be made about why people won’t buy it. Of course, the “It’s a BMW” crowd is still coming through loud and clear.

Toyota doesn’t seem to have any issues selling them, though! It seems, too, that A91 Supra owners quite enjoy them!

Now that we know there’s a manual Supra, how does it compare to Nissan’s manual twin-turbo competitor? Keep scrolling to see if the Supra can hang with the 2023 Nissan Z!


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