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It’s the one thing we hope never happens when we get behind the wheel: a car accident. We are trained as drivers to do everything possible to avoid them but accidents happen. Sometimes the aftermath of even a minor accident can be extremely complicated and stressful.

Toyota has revealed a new feature called  “Collision Assistance” within their existing smartphone app that aims to make things a bit easier for their customers who have been through a collision. This service is now available to Toyota and Lexus customers.

How does the Toyota Collision Assistance feature work?

The Toyota Collision Assistance app on an Apple iPhone
Toyota Collision Assistance app | Toyota

Toyota partnered with CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. (CCC), a “software as a service” (SaaS) platform that works primarily with the Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. CCC developed the Collision Assistance feature for Toyota. CCC’s mobile tech provides guided accident documentation and access to claims and management services to assist drivers after a collision. 

Toyota sends accident and vehicle telemetry data to CCC to trigger the program. The Collision Assistance feature allows the user to decide how they would like to handle the repair and claim process. By guiding the user through all the steps, Toyota is looking to make the overall process easier and less stressful.

“Toyota is taking a comprehensive approach to post-collision management, and we’re proud to support its mission to deliver world-class safety experiences to drivers,” said Andreas Hecht, CCC’s OEM Services Group SVP. “By using CCC’s technology to establish a personal, near-real-time connection with drivers, automakers can positively impact the often stressful post-collision experience.”

Who can use the Collision Assistance feature?

The Toyota Collision Assistance app as seen on a smartphone device with a QR code to the right.
Toyota Collision Assistance app QR download code | Toyota

Toyota’s Collision Assistance is meant to be part of their “Safety Connect” suite of features that are available to Toyota and to Lexus owners. As long as the owner is an active subscriber of Safety Connect or within the trial period of certain 2018 or newer model years, they can use the Collision Assistance feature. 

Once the driver confirms in the app that they are not in danger, the Collision Assistance app will guide the user to collect important information about the accident. The app can also connect the user to a network of auto insurers to help “optimize” the claim submission process. Additionally, Collision Assistance can help the user locate a collision repair shop.

The Collision Assistance app also makes sure to cover the basic elements of a post-collision situation. It reminds the user to take photos of the scene, notify their insurance carrier, and provides an “emergency checklist.” Some of the items on that checklist include moving to a safe location, calling 911, and refraining from admitting fault to anyone else who was involved in the accident. We’ll admit that the last one sounds like something a parent would say, but it is good advice to follow.

See Toyota Collision Assistance in action

Toyota provided a short video that gives an overview of how the Collision Assistance app works in action. It should be noted that the app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones so no matter what type of device it should be easy to access. However, we sincerely hope that none of you reading this will ever have to use this app! We wish you continue to have happy and safe driving experiences!