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With continued warnings not to drive their brand new bZ4X EVs, Toyota puts owners in a very bad position. What’s worse is that Toyota hasn’t found a solution to the problem since the recall announcement in June. For that reason, Toyota now is offering some extras to help owners while they wait for their cars. This includes a buyback program. But Toyota wants you to please not drive your 2023 bZ4X under any circumstances until it finds a solution. 

What is the bZ4X recall for?

2023 Toyota bZ4X EV tax credit
2023 Toyota bZ4X Limited AWD in Heavy Metal | Toyota

Toyota’s bZ4X is the company’s first stab into the electric vehicle zeitgeist. Initially, it appeared to be another winner from the Japanese manufacturer. But in June, Toyota announced that wheels could potentially fall off of the bZ4X. “The hub bolt may loosen due to repeated sharp turns and sudden braking. Therefore, if you continue to drive in that state, abnormal noise will be generated, and in the worst case, the tires may fall off.” -Toyota

If that wasn’t enough to convince owners to keep it parked, it sent out another notice with this in bold type, “… and continue to ask that you not allow the vehicle to be driven until a remedy is available.” A fix for the issue has proven elusive. Toyota is still exploring the problem. Obviously, this can’t continue, so the company has some alternatives it offers up.

What is Toyota offering bZ4X owners now?

Toyota bZ4X what does bZ4X stand for
Closeup of the back of a 2023 Toyota bZ4X Limited | Toyota

By calling a Toyota dealer, they’ll pick up your bZ4X and transport it to the dealership at no cost until it finds a solution. So free storage is the first option. Toyota will also provide a free loaner car and also pay for the fuel consumed while you drive it. 

For those buyers who paid for their Toyota bZ4X in full, Toyota offers a $5,000 credit for a monthly lease of another vehicle. Additionally, owners will see an extension of free EVgo fast charging through the end of 2024. And for however long it takes to find a fix, Toyota will extend the Vehicle Limited Warranty.

What about the bZ4X buyback plan?

Many of the 2023 Toyota BZ4X models won't qualify for the federal EV tax credit
2023 Toyota BZ4X | Toyota

So it does look like Toyota is trying to cover owners for the inconveniences, and also the added costs associated with having to sit on your new car for an undetermined amount of time. And if all of that won’t convince you to hang in there with Toyota, it will come up with a buyback plan to take it off of your hands. 

If that is what buyers want to do, a Toyota representative will contact owners about the buyback. So that’s how the automaker is trying to keep its customers happy over a rather embarrassing issue that goes beyond the recall itself. As we’ve seen with the Chevy Bolt and other EVs like Jaguar’s I-Pace, flipping the electric switch is not as easy as, well, flipping a switch.

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