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The Toyota Corolla Cross has been making waves in an ocean of small SUVs since its 2020 debut. It boasts a stylish design, a comfortable interior, and an affordable price, making it an attractive choice. However, some Corolla Cross owners weren’t satisfied with the SUV’s fuel economy. Fortunately, the automaker has a fix for this common complaint: the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid.

Car owners value fuel economy

The J.D. Power APEAL study provides insights into the factors that influence car owners’ overall satisfaction with their vehicles. The annual study examines 37 attributes related to owners’ emotional attachment and level of excitement for new vehicles.

The results showed that car owners highly valued fuel economy and range. This finding indicates that car owners prioritize fuel efficiency in their decision-making process and view it as a significant factor impacting their vehicle satisfaction.

The study also shows that owners of gas-powered cars are generally happier with their vehicles’ fuel economy and range. That suggests auto manufacturers should focus on improving their vehicles’ fuel efficiency to meet the growing demand for more eco-friendly cars.

In general, the J.D. Power APEAL study provides valuable insights into the needs and preferences of car owners, which can help manufacturers make informed decisions about design and production.

So, how does this relate to the Toyota Corolla Cross?

The study also reveals that Corolla Cross owners’ two least favorite areas of this SUV were the powertrain and fuel economy. So Toyota has provided a fix by offering a hybrid version.

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid addresses owner complaints about fuel economy

Toyota now offers the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid in addition to the regular gas-powered model. The hybrid offers better fuel efficiency and a more environmentally friendly driving experience.

Toyota says the standard Corolla Cross has a combined EPA-estimated fuel economy of 32 mpg, while the hybrid gets 42 mpg combined. That’s a significant improvement, making the hybrid model an attractive option for those wanting to save money on gas and reduce their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the Corolla Cross Hybrid has a decent-sized 10.6-gallon fuel tank, so it “should have a useful range of more than 400 miles between fill-ups,” J.D. Power says. That means drivers can travel longer distances without needing to stop for gas, which can be beneficial for road trips or long commutes.

The 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is more fuel-efficient than the gas-powered model

Starting at $27,970, the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid costs almost $5,000 more than the non-hybrid. This price difference is mainly due to the hybrid technology, including a hybrid powertrain system, battery, and other components.

The hybrid version is available in three trims: S, SE, and XSE. Each has advanced features such as Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, including pre-collision and lane departure systems and dynamic cruise control. In addition to the standard features, optional upgrades include a premium JBL sound system, a moonroof, two-tone paint, and adaptive headlights. These features improve the driving experience and boost the vehicle’s appeal.

With the increasing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, Toyota’s introduction of a hybrid powertrain option for the Corolla Cross SUV is smart. The 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is expected to provide consumers with a highly efficient and feature-packed SUV.

Overall, the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is poised to be a competitive option in the growing hybrid SUV market, providing a balance of fuel efficiency, performance, and safety features.


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