Toyota Has a New Way to Let You Know if Your Car Has a Recall

Automotive recalls are challenging for everyone. Toyota recognizes a reactive nature in how recalls are managed and is taking a proactive step to make improvements. There is a new way for consumers to find out about pending recalls for their Toyotas.

Toyota hopes this latest initiative will help owners learn about recalls quicker, reducing risks associated with unaddressed recall components. Finding out your vehicle has a recall is bad. But having a recall notice you don’t know about can be worse.

Alerting car owners about recalls continues to be a challenge

Closeup of Toyota's logo in red on the front of a ivory building with 'Toyota' written underneath it.
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MotorTend shared official NHTSA stats regarding the average number of automotive recalls annually. In 2020 alone, more than 31 million vehicles required service in response to some 786 recalls. And when automakers realize there is a component failure that warrants a recall notice, the necessary communication steps need to be swift. But the process for dissemination of important time-sensitive repair information is still a challenge for most automakers. 

Quick notices regarding recalls are mission-critical. But sending mailers, notifying dealers, and issuing press releases may not reach vehicles owners before a component failure or at all. Toyota is looking to improve just how they reach consumers about these important repairs and replacements. A partnership initiative with Mitchell International Inc. intends to do just that. 

Toyota’s collaboration offers a recall notification solution

PR Newswire recently announced the Toyota and Mitchell partnership, an endeavor to improve the timeliness of recall notices and repairs. Mitchell Cloud Estimating will now integrate with VIN-specific Toyota recall notices. Collision repairers will now have improved timing to access and identify safety recalls, in turn, alerting Toyota customers sooner.

Mitchell and Toyota began collaborating in 2015 when Toyota launched its Toyota Recommended Repair Procedures. According to Body Shop Business, all Toyota body shops will have access to recall information on each vehicle they repair under this latest initiative. This means that when Toyota owners bring their cars into their local body shop for service like painting or fixing dents from fender benders, technicians will be able to check whether the car has any recalls. That means the brand doesn’t need to rely on consumers bringing in receipts from previous repairs or calling up Toyota directly; they can find out about recalls immediately.

Mitchell works with other automakers too


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Mitchell International Inc. specializes in developing tech-based solutions and various services unique to the automotive, collision repair, workers’ compensation, and disability segments. On the auto side of the business, Mitchell engages networks of repair shops and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs.) This allows for almost instantaneous exchanges of information regarding repair data and procedures. 

Mitchell continues to improve the turnaround time for repairs, ongoing communication between entities, and reduced risks and expenses using AI and cloud-based software. The networks include data exchanges for Mazda and GM vehicles, as well. Every month, the company is responsible for processing tens of millions of transactions for 300+ insurance providers, 70,000 pharmacies, and 20,000 collision repair shops alone. 

Toyota owners can always rely on the NHTSA’s recall site to see if there’s a recall on a particular Toyota model. But this latest Toyota and Mitchell endeavor will also be an added line of communication regarding safety recall notices. Know that when you take your Toyota to the body shop, the technicians will now have the tech to learn about any outstanding recall alerts.