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The  Toyota MR2 remains one of the best sports cars manufactured by the Japan-based automobile giant. This sports car is a mid-engine, two-seater, affordable vehicle made across three different generations. So, how much does it cost to repair an MR2 sports car?

A brief history of the Toyota MR2

A group of Vintage Sports Car Club (VSSC) judges inspecting under the hood of a red 1998 Toyota MR2 Mk1
1998 Toyota MR2 Mk1 | Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images

The first Toyota MR2 was released in 1984 and was produced until 1989. The second-generation Toyota MR2 was released from 1989 to 1999. This model included a more stylish and refined design, a more powerful engine, a better quality interior, and enhanced ergonomics.

The third generation MR2 was produced from 1999 to 2007. This model was called MR2 Roadster in Europe and MR2 Spyder in the United States. Due to low sales in the sports car market, Toyota stopped production of the MR2. The good news is Car Buzz reports that the MR2 is making a comeback in 2025, being more classy, elegant, and powerful.

How much will I pay for Toyota MR2 maintenance and repair?

Typically, Toyotas are among the most cost-effective vehicles to maintain. According to Your Mechanic, the maintenance and repair cost for a Toyota MR2 ranges yearly from $95 to $2,650, with an average of $454. Fortunately, the maintenance cost for the first two years or 25,000 miles after purchasing the vehicle is $0, but it increases with the car’s mileage.

Similarly, the costs of repairs for Toyota MR2 are cheaper than other brands of the same quality. The best option to minimize the repair costs is to add coverage via the extended car warranty.

For the first two years, you won’t pay for maintenance costs for Toyota MR2. Expect to pay $100 to $600 annually, depending on mileage. For instance, you’ll pay more for 30,000 to 60,000 miles of servicing. After the two-year coverage period, you’ll pay for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for your Toyota MR2. The planned maintenance comprises all tasks Toyota recommends for specific intervals, including a tire rotation, oil change, and fluid levels adjustment.

Unscheduled maintenance includes replacing systems or items that wear down over time, such as windshield wipers and brake pads. Here is a breakdown of maintenance service costs for Toyota MR2:

New tires: $500 to $800

Headlight replacement: $100 to $200

Brake pads: $100 to $300

Alignment: $120 to $200

Oil change: $40 to $120

The cost will vary depending on where you take your MR2 to get things fixed. If you visit a Toyota dealer, you’ll probably pay more than taking the vehicle to an independent shop. The bottom line is to find a shop or dealer you can trust.

Comparing Toyota maintenance costs to other brands

Looking at the wider market, you’ll find that popular alternatives to Toyota MR2 are from Ford, Nissan, Honda, and Chevrolet. Most of these brands are more expensive to maintain compared to MR2. According to Repair Pal, maintenance and repair costs for the different brands are as follows.

Ford: $775

Chevy: $649

Nissan: $500

Honda: $428

Toyota MR2: $ 439

The MR2 becomes an excellent bet because of its affordability based on these figures. This mid-engine sports car is cheaper to maintain than other brands in the same price category. Typically, Toyota vehicles have lower maintenance costs and repairs, making them inexpensive.

There is no doubt MR2 is one of the best sports cars made by the company. The new model expected in 2025 will be breathtaking, considering the experimental design and innovative engineering used to refine the sports car.

The Toyota MR2 is easy to maintain and will last longer with regular maintenance. It has a low risk of breakdown and cost of ownership, making it inviting to sports cars enthusiast. The MR2 is also easy to modify to fit your desired design. Overall, the MR2 is an incredibly reliable sports car that offers excellent comfort and ride quality.

The bottom line with MR2 maintenance

The maintenance and repair costs for Toyota MR2 vary depending on mileage, age, shop, and location. If you plan to keep your MR2 for over two years, it would be best to buy a prepaid maintenance plan or an extended warranty plan covering maintenance and repair costs for up to 10 years. These plans make repair and maintenance hassle-free. On average, maintenance and repair costs for MR2 are lower compared to other brands in the same category.


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