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When you’ve had a traffic accident, it can impact your future insurance rates. So, if you’re considering a new Toyota, you might wonder which model has the lowest premium estimates, especially for those drivers with a recent accident on their records. There’s more than one factor that contributes to how much you might pay in premiums for coverage. Here’s what matters when insuring a Toyota and what you can expect to pay even with a recent accident on your record.

How insurance rates may vary

Any insurance carrier will factor in a recent accident when assigning costs for coverage. However, other considerations might help offset those potential increases. The Insurance Information Institute shares what insurance companies look at when determining coverage and premiums. These include your credit rating, your age, the vehicle you drive, your geographic location, and your driving habits.

So, even if you’ve recently experienced an accident but still have good credit, the rate increases might be offset by your ability and likelihood to pay your premiums. Additionally, if you’re older than 18 or 20, you can expect more affordable rates than a newly-driving 16-year-old, who’s statistically more prone to accidents. And if you’re looking to insure a Toyota, you can expect even deeper potential discounts.

Toyota models are the cheapest to insure across the board

A blue 2022 Toyota RAV4 which is a Toyota with the lowest insurance cost with a recent accident.
2022 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Historically, of all the vehicle models to insure, Toyota tends to be the most affordable. According to, the rate analysis suggests the average premium for all 2021 model Toyotas is $1,682 annually, based on a 30-year-old driver opting for full coverage. 

Because Toyota consistently performs well in crash test evaluations, it’s a brand synonymous with safety. And based on reliability studies demonstrating longevity among most Toyota models, insurance companies find fewer risks associated with insuring them. Safety features come into play as well, and Toyota vehicles are loaded with innovative tech and driver aids that signal “better safety” to insurance carriers.

The most affordable Toyota models include the RAV4, the C-HR, and the Toyota 4Runner. Average insurance rates for a Toyota RAV4 will range from $1,425.70 to $1,567.60, spanning model years from 2015 to 2020. The Toyota C-HR runs roughly $1,470 annually for coverage. Others in the Toyota lineup that offer affordable premium rates include the Yaris and Tacoma, too. 

If you’ve had an accident recently, don’t stress too much about insurance costs. If you have good credit and plan on insuring a Toyota, you could have savings to help offset any increases due to your accident. If you’re driving a RAV4 or C-HR, you can expect the lowest insurance costs overall, and still relatively affordable for those with a recent accident to report.

A cost breakdown for those with a recent accident on their records

CarEdge breaks down the estimates for insuring a Toyota model with a few different scenarios. For example, if you have a recent at-fault accident on your driving record, you can expect to pay $2,670 annually in premiums. That’s assuming you have a strong credit score and are a mature, middle-aged driver. 

In comparison, that’s still an attractive rate when you consider a clean driving record driver of a Toyota, with poor credit alone will pay upwards of $9,859 for a new driver and $3,123 for a mature driver. 

Additionally, U.S. News shared 2023 insurance estimates from all the top insurance providers for those drivers who’ve experienced a recent accident. The overall average annual premium in these at-fault record scenarios is $2,041. American Family Insurance estimates $1,658, Allstate estimates $2,828, State Farm estimates $1,516, and Geico estimates $1,820.