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Although the Toyota Land Cruiser has been discontinued in the States, that does not mean it is any less of an icon. The Land Cruiser has long represented a mix between luxury and utility. And that might be why this SUV is so sought-after by those who have the budget to buy one. One question that you may have about the Land Cruiser is how much can it tow. And the answer to that varies. Depending on which model you are interested in buying. 

Is the Toyota Land Cruiser good for towing?

In terms of towing capacity, most modern Land Cruiser models can handle over 8,000 pounds. That should be enough capacity for handling things like boats, campers, and other toys you want to take on your next adventure. And that is really what the Land Cruiser is for. Sure, it is an expensive SUV, but Toyota was always sure to keep it capable. 

According to AutoPadre, some older versions of the Land Cruiser do not have such of a large towing capacity. But, they can still tow an ample amount. Still, that is something to consider if you are shopping for a used Toyota Land Cruiser and plan to tow with your SUV. 

Is it worth it to buy a used Land Cruiser?

Even with high mileage, the Land Cruiser is not necessarily a cheap SUV. They have a reputation for reliability, utility, and comfort. All things that come together to make a vehicle that holds its value. That said, there isn’t anything quite like the Land Cruiser in its segment. Save for something such as a Land Rover, but those don’t have a history of longevity. 

An 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser fords a river.
Toyota Land Cruiser | OSX

Land Cruiser prices do vary depending on configuration, mileage, and condition. Toyota Land Cruisers from recent years will command a high price tag. Especially since Toyota decided to stop selling this SUV in the United States. But, you might be able to find an 80 Series Land Cruiser that does not break the bank. 

Is this Toyota SUV good for off-roading?

Whether you want to do some off-roading or overlanding, the Land Cruiser is an ideal candidate. Despite being a luxury SUV, Toyota always kept this vehicle focused on capability. But, with the cost, you might be worried about thrashing a Land Cruiser around. Although, that is exactly what it was built for. 

A Toyota Land Cruiser shows its capability off as an SUV.
Toyota Land Cruiser | Dukas via Getty Images

It might lack the simplicity of something like a Jeep Wrangler, but if you want a vehicle that can just pack on the miles and enjoy some adventuring, the Land Cruiser is a solid candidate. Older examples could even come with front, center, and rear locking differentials. Plus, you get four-wheel drive. 

Perhaps the best Land Cruiser for off-roading is the 80 Series. This model was offered throughout the 1990s and was sort of a transition from a normal SUV to a luxury SUV. If you don’t want to buy used and want a new Toyota SUV with rugged capability, the 4Runner currently fills that gap. Of course, you can opt for the Lexus version of the Land Cruiser, but that lacks subdued styling.


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