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There’s no denying just how legendary the Toyota Land Cruiser is. As a rugged, yet luxurious 4×4 SUV, it brings a lot to the table. And despite Toyota’s decision to discontinue this vehicle here in the States, it still has a cult following among enthusiasts and others alike. While sold in the United States, the Land Cruiser spanned multiple generations. So, which Toyota Land Cruiser is actually the best?

Is an older Toyota Land Cruiser actually better?

In the modern era, the Land Cruiser moved from a work truck to a legitimate luxury SUV from Toyota. Because of this, many regard the 80-Series Land Cruiser to be one of the best versions. This Land Cruiser was first introduced in 1990, and it stayed in production until the arrival of the 100-Series Land Cruiser. 

Some notable features of the 80-Series include a full-time four-wheel drive system, an inline-six engine, and locking differentials. Now, this era of Land Cruiser was not only focused on off-road prowess as an SUV. It did offer coil springs for more on-road comfort. 

How much should you pay for an 80-Series Land Cruiser?

Unlike some other Land Cruiser models, the 80-Series has not had a crazy climb in value yet. Depending on condition, you can find one for around $25k. And that is a fairly good value for what this 4×4 SUV has to offer. Because of its age, many Land Cruisers from this generation do have high mileage. But, these off-road SUVs are known to pack on well over 400,000 miles with preventative maintenance. 

An 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser fords a small body of water.
Toyota Land Cruiser | Universal Images Group via Getty Images

It would not be surprising to see the 80-Series climb in value. Some clean models have sold for well over $50,000. And that certainly is not cheap. That said, there are still some good values to be found out there. 

Is the Land Cruiser a good SUV?

According to AutoTrader, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a true automotive legend. And although you can no longer buy a new one in the United States, buying used is something worth consideration. Especially if you can find a clean 80-Series model. This Land Cruiser was offered from 1991 until 1997, and it came with solid front axles. Something that was later eliminated from this SUV. 

It’s always possible that Toyota could decide to bring back the Land Cruiser. The brand is still selling the Lexus variant here in the U.S. But at the end of the day, the modern Land Cruiser was consistently at the bottom of Toyota’s sales. So it does make sense that it was sent to the chopping block. 

Can the Land Cruiser go off-road?

Even in later versions, the Land Cruiser did not forget its roots as an off-road SUV. While the 80-Series did mark a departure from traditional models, it still had legitimate 4×4 chops. It is for that reason that this SUV is extremely popular for those who like to take the road less traveled. Plus, you get Toyota reliability. 

A Toyota LandCruiser70 shows off its capability in a remote location.
Toyota LandCruiser 70 | Toyota

This Toyota might be more expensive than other SUVs, but it is kind of a unique offering when everything is considered.


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