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Vintage pickup trucks are only just starting to get widely popular. For decades pickup trucks were seen as nothing more than tools. Unlike cars which had many luxury and sporting models, trucks stayed humble. Over the past few decades, pickup trucks have blossomed into an automotive segment with many high-dollar offerings. These days, even old tool trucks are collectible. This Toyota Hilux barn find is one such super-rare vintage pickup truck that, until recently, might have gone unnoticed. 

Toyota Hilux barn find with surface rust
Toyota Hilux barn find | eBay

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a staple overseas but never really got its due here in the States. The Hilux was introduced in 1968, producing only 76 hp from its 1.5-liter engine. The first generation Hilux lasted from ’68-’72. Its only real competition in the U.S. was the tiny Datsun pickup truck. While the first-gen never took off here, it would become one of the world’s most respected trucks, especially once the 4×4 version came out. 

The version of the Hilux that we know and love in the States is the later Toyota Pickup Truck that was famously the apple of Marty McFly’s eye in the hit film “Back to the Future.” Even though the first-gen Hilux was tiny and only RWD, it still had the proper body-on-frame construction that truck lovers are still looking for today. Given its slow rise in popularity, the first- and second-gen Hiluxs are fairly rare to see in the States today. 

Vintage pickup truck barn find 

In the world of classic trucks and cars, “California cars” are sort of the gold standard. This general term insinuates that these cars lived their lives in the arid and mild climate of southern California. This is preferred because dry climates often mean less rust. 

According to Silodrome, this 1969 Toyota Hilux was bought new by a Japanese farmer in California. This unnamed farmer used his truck on the farm for 20 years before he died. The vintage pickup truck was then left to sit. 

This classic pickup truck may not have been overly popular in its time but has since garnered great respect for being the forebearer of the toughest pickup truck ever made. 

Vintage pickup truck for sale

Toyota Hilux owners manual
Original Toyota Hilux owner manual | Ebay

The truck is being sold on eBay out of Acampo, California. The listing states that the vintage pickup truck still has the original radio and hubcaps. While the truck is said not to run, the motor does turn over. 

If you wish to learn more about this rad old truck or make a play on it, you can visit the listing here.