Toyota Has Prepared an Off-Road Onslaught for SEMA

Source: Toyota

It’s nearly time for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show, or SEMA, which last year drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers to the trade-only exhibition. It’s an opportunity for aftermarket companies to show off their wares, and for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to also display some tricks they have up their sleeves. Automakers have been teasing some images of what to expect from their various skunk works, and Toyota is bringing a whole flock of new vehicles to show off its range of customization options.

“What better place than SEMA to show the automotive world what our passion for performance looks like,” said Steve Appelbaum, Toyota’s engagement marketing and motorsports national manager, in the company’s press statement. “Toyota is making cars and trucks that inspire creativity amongst the enthusiasts who live and work in the SEMA industry, and we’re so excited to show what that kind of bold imagination can produce with our vehicles.”

While other brands have been pushing appearance at this year’s show — namely Chevy — Toyota’s slate appears to focus more on performance, especially for its trucks. This makes sense, because shortly after the show, Toyota will be bringing its wares south to attend the Baja 100 endurance race in Mexico.

Source: Toyota

Toyota Sienna DUB Edition

Aftermarket part specialist DUB is known for their outlandish and extreme rides, and the firm has partnered with Toyota to give its Sienna — or “Swagger Wagon,” as Toyota wants you to call it — a thorough going over. In addition to DUB’s trademark satellite dish-sized rims, there’s an aggressive bodykit, a new mesh grille insert, and almost definitely some cabin improvements focused on the stereo and audio system.

Source: Toyota

Toyota Sienna: Remix Concept

If the DUB concept was too sedate, West Coast Customs had its way with a Sienna as well, and essentially added a full music festival to the otherwise family-friendly car. It, too, got the big rim treatment, and a host of other additions to complete what Toyota calls “the ultimate Swagger Wagon” that transforms into a fully functional DJ booth replete with enough speakers and power to rock a party hard.”

Source: Toyota

Toyota 4Runner Pro SEMA Concept

We’ve seen the line of TRD Pro vehicles before, but Toyota put this 4Runner in a special suit for SEMA, and just ahead of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 race for an ultimate test of fortitude on the thousand-mile racing stretch. In addition to the paint, the 4Runner is loaded with all the TRD Pro accessories, including the front winch, the LED light bar, and other accoutrements that you won’t see on the 4Runners in the parking lot at little Jimmy’s grade school.

Source: Toyota

Toyota FT-1

Spiritually, the FT-1 checks the box left unchecked by the famed Supra. Though production of the car hasn’t exactly been confirmed, it hasn’t stopped Toyota from parading a few conceptual representations of the Formula One inspired whip around the auto show circuit, and SEMA is no exception. Details are scant at the moment, but the FT-1 is simply brilliant just to look at.

Source: Toyota

Toyota Yaris DUB Edition

The Sienna wasn’t the only car for which DUB went all in — it also turned its attention to Toyota’s littlest U.S. vehicle, the Yaris. It gave it a wide bodykit, those colossal looking rims, the tuxedo-esque two-tone paint scheme, and smoked out glass and tail lights. We can only imagine what’s happening on the inside, though, since Toyota didn’t hint at what’s going on in there.

Source: Toyota

Toyota TRD Pro Desert Race Truck

Toyota’s Tundra TRD Pro pickup is slated to be one of the few off-road performance trucks around, but the Desert Race concept seen here takes it to a different level. As you can see, there are some new additions like a meatier front bumper and the light rack, as well as those huge floods mounted on the mirrors. Of course, it also comes with the usual TRD Pro stuff, like the chunky tires, beefed up suspension, and that cool old-school “TOYOTA” grille.

Source: Toyota

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

The Tundra TRD Pro is like the Desert Racer, but more stock and more attainable for consumers, for obvious reasons. However, that hasn’t stopped Toyota from adding a few distinct extra items like the LED light bars, the tire mounts in the bed, the front bumper-mounted winch setup, and the step plates hanging off the side.

Source: Toyota

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Finally, if the Tundra is too much truck for your needs, Toyota also offers the Tacoma in a TRD Pro trim. Like the Tundra, you won’t be lacking for extra off-road inspired touches, like the winch, the tires, and the tire mounts in the bed (as well as that sweet utility rack mounted against the back of the cabin). It’s not a substitute for a new model of the aging truck, but it’ll do in the meantime.