Toyota Has Both of the Best Used Midsize SUVs for 2021

More consumers are going used rather than buying new nowadays as prices begin to soar for some vehicles. Some automakers, like Toyota, offer a lot of choices that can be high-priced, but they offer other benefits, making the purchase worthwhile. On the iSeeCars website, they created a list of the best used vehicles to buy in different categories, which is based on the information they collected through their database. The two midsize SUVs that fell in the No. 1 and runner-up spots are the Toyota Highlander and the Toyota 4Runner. What makes them both good?

How the Toyota Highlander and the 4Runner are alike

Both vehicles are built for dependability and reliability, which Toyota is well known for. Putting those two points aside, though, there are still many ways these two vehicles are alike. One similarity is its amount of space. Both the Toyota Highlander and the Toyota 4Runner have plenty of cabin room to haul a large family when you need them to. 

Both offer great tech features. You’ll find impressive infotainment systems in both vehicles as well as useful apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You’ll also find similar safety features like lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. 

Both of these vehicles are pretty close in pricing as well. You can get a 2021 Highlander at a starting price of almost $35,000. The 4Runner, brand new, runs approximately $36,500. 

If you’re buying used, you can expect prices to remain on the higher side, because the Highlander has a 52.5 percent five-year retained value, while the 4Runner has a 61.4 percent retained value. These are long-lasting midsize SUVs, which makes them more desirable. 

What sets the Toyota Highlander apart from its sibling?

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When it comes to family haulers, the Toyota Highlander is probably the better option. It has the ability to seat eight passengers comfortably except in the third row, which is cramped. The 4Runner can only seat seven people. However, the Highlander has a little more legroom in the rear seats than what the 4Runner offers. 

You can expect a comfortable ride with the Highlander, offering a quiet and smooth drive on the road. It also offers sporty acceleration, which clocks in at a few seconds faster than the Toyota 4Runner. It also offers agile handling, making this vehicle a thrill to get behind the wheel. 

The Highlander has one pretty important feature that you won’t find with the 4Runner. It comes with a hybrid model, while the 4Runner doesn’t have one available, even with the new model. The hybrid is a little more expensive than the regular model and the 4Runner base version, but not by too much

What makes the 4Runner stand out?

Storage space is one place where the Toyota 4Runner stands out. With all seats sitting up, you still get approximately 47.2 cubic feet of space, which is significantly more than the 16 cubic feet you get with the Highlander. 

When it comes to standard equipment, the 4Runner gets an 8-inch touchscreen, whereas its sibling only gets a 4.2-inch screen unless you choose to upgrade to a higher trim level, but that would add more money onto the bill. 

The obvious feature of the 4Runner, of course, is its off-roading capabilities. It’s built to tackle all kinds of terrain, whereas the Toyota Highlander isn’t. The 4Runner is built on a truck bed platform and has a rugged suspension system, so going off-road is no problem with this SUV. 

Both the Toyota Highlander and the 4Runner are very similar midsize SUVs. But each one has its own set of features that set it apart from its sibling and makes it worth paying for.