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  • The best options for the new GR86
  • Only two trim levels are availble
  • How we’d spec our Toyota GR86

The phrase “everything you need and nothing you don’t” has come to define the small Toyota sports car. And that’s exactly our objective today. It’s time to find out exactly what options are best for the new Toyota GR86. To keep this small sports car enticing from a price standpoint, there’s almost certainly some options that’ll need to be left out. Read on to find out which ones make the cut.

How much will the 2022 Toyota GR86 cost?

A red GR86 shot from the 3/4 angle in a photo studio
The new 86 addressed many complaints | Toyota

Thankfully, there’s only two trims for the GR86. That makes things easy, with the trim levels split between “GR86” and “GR86 Premium.” Those trim levels are exactly what they sound like on the surface, priced at $27,700 and $30,300 respectively. Just like the pricing, the differences between the two are similarly minor. The base car gets different seats that are less adjustable, a slightly less aggressive spoiler, and different all-season tires.

The Toyota GR86 Premium is essentially finishing school for the model. The standard 6 and 4-way seats (driver and passenger, respectively) are replaced with microsuede trim, which is a noticeable upgrade. The Premium also gets some nicely upgraded wheels and summer tires. Also included are blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert, and a larger spoiler on the rear.

What are the best options for the 2022 GR86?

The interior of the new Toyota GR86 in black
The 86’s interior is very bare-bones | Toyota

Unlike the Honda Civic Si, there’s two choices for transmissions here. There is, thankfully, a six-speed manual transmission, but also a 6-speed auto with paddles for shifting. Both are standard and don’t raise the price at all. Happily, there’s also a great selection of fun colors for the new Toyota 86. However, the white and red options will run you an extra $425. Thankfully, the rest, including a very fun Porsche 911 GT3-esque blue are no-cost options.

From there, it’s all accessories. Unfortunately, wheel locks aren’t included and will run you $80, or $295 should you also throw in the black lug nuts (do). You can also select a different shift knob should you wish. There’s also a “GR Appearance Package” which adds in black lug nuts, fender vents, and a rear bumper applique. The rest are dedicated to making the sports car more drivable, and include things like floor liners and cargo nets. You can view the full list here.

GR86 units are available for order

A red Toyota GR86 shot in profile in a photo studio
The 86 brings back the small Toyota sports car | Toyota

If you want our opinion, it’s best to keep the GR86 under (or as close to) $30,000. Not only does that keep it within range of cars like the Honda Civic Si, but it also keeps in spirit of the “everything you need and nothing you don’t” ethos of the car. We opted for the base Toyota GR86 in Trueno Blue (a nice Toyota/Initial D nod), with the all-weather mat package and the black lug nuts. The grand total? $29,189 after destination fees. Not bad for the hottest new sports car around.


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