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The Toyota GR86 sports car is getting all kinds of positive attention. So, there’s really no reason to get into the details of what makes it a great driver’s car. After all, even professional Formula Drift drivers give it praise in its stock format. However, the 2022 GR86 uses some technology that you may not be aware of. So, here are three awesome features of the 2022 Toyota GR86 that are hidden in plain sight.

Oil heat exchanger helps oil temps maintain operating temperature safely

2022 Toyota GR86 engine
The Toyota GR86 comes standard with a 2.4-liter engine. | Toyota

According to The Drive, the GR86 has a heat exchanger system that aids the oil system in obtaining and maintaining appropriate operating temperatures.

Conveniently, the GR86’s oil filter sits right at the top of the engine bay. So, that’s great news if you’re into changing your own oil and maintaining your car yourself. There’s no shortage of vehicles in this world that make the process of removing and replacing an oil filter a pain. However, it’s what’s underneath the oil filter that is really the showpiece.

Beneath the filter is a heat exchanger. While its intended purpose is to help get oil up to operating temperature quickly, it also benefits the oil by way of passive oil cooling. So, the heat exchanger also helps keep oil temperatures within a safe operating range. That’s of monumental importance in a performance car!

GR exhaust system option saves weight, adds power

A side view of the 2022 Toyota GR86 on a track
A side view of the 2022 Toyota GR86 on a track. | Toyota

As an accessory offering, the GR86 is available with a GR exhaust system as opposed to the stock one. Comparatively, the GR exhaust system is much smaller than the stock one.

The GR accessory exhaust uses 2.25-inch stainless steel tubing, and the muffler is constructed from 304 stainless steel, which means it should be a fair bit lighter than the stock standard steel exhaust system. GR also engineered the exhaust to seamlessly bolt up to the factory system using the original gaskets and hardware, so swapping them is a no-brainer.

Additionally, the change in sizing and material should have an effect on the tone, as well. So the GR accessory exhaust offers an easily swappable upgrade in sound, weight savings, and performance.

The Toyota GR86 is littered with slick aerodynamic features

2022 Toyota GR86 shifter console
2022 Toyota GR86 Interior| Toyota

While, at first glance, the aerodynamic design of certain components may not be super obvious, they are definitely beneficial. Hidden in plain sight are a few aero components that help the GR86 achieve its acclaimed handling capabilities.

For one, the front bumper features a pair of channels that divert air around the front tires to assist in maintaining the vehicle’s stability on track. Additionally, engineers specially developed the channels to remove and expel air from behind the bumper, pulling hot air generated by the radiator out of the equation to maintain engine temperatures.

The GR86 has some trick aero underneath, too. Most obvious is the rather large front splitter. The splitter creates additional downforce up front in order to maintain grip. However, it also channels air underneath the car, where GR fitted some additional paneling to keep the air moving efficiently from front to back.

Overall, the GR86 is a fantastic sports car with remarkably fun handling characteristics. Every little detail counts when it comes to making a performance car, and these awesome little details shouldn’t be overlooked!


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