Toyota Dominates the World’s Most Googled Car Brands

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Source: TopSpeed

Lots of people like to talk about car sales. The number of cars each company sells is pretty important, after all. Have you ever wondered, though, which brands are the most searched for? Our friends over at TopSpeed decided to take a look, not just at the U.S., but across the world. What they found out was pretty interesting.

If you look at North America, Toyota takes the top prize in both the U.S. and Canada. Mexicans, however, are much less interested in Toyota and instead prefer Chevrolet and Nissan.

If you break the United States down by state, you see that Toyota isn’t completely dominant across the board. Ford makes a solid showing in a number of states, with Subaru showing up in quite a few states as well. The only other brands to get major attention in any individual states are Nissan in Tennessee and Hyundai in Florida.

Tesla also somehow managed to make a showing in the District of Columbia.

Moving south to Central America, the results are much more varied. Toyota still took the top spot in a few countries, but Costa Rica apparently has a thing for Suzuki, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi. BMW tied with Toyota in Jamaica, and most notably, Jaguar took the top spot in Belize. Jaguar didn’t take the top spot in any other countries, but somehow it managed to be the most popular in Belize.

South America is mostly controlled by Chevrolet, with nearly half of the countries on that continent searching for that brand the most. Volkswagen and Hyundai tied with Chevrolet in a few of those countries, but overall, Chevrolet was the most popular. South America’s largest country, Brazil, is mostly interested in Fiat, which might be surprising if you didn’t know it has two Fiat assembly plants. Hyundai, meanwhile, dominated Peru and Paraguay, splitting Chile with Chevrolet.

TopSpeed Worlds Most Searched Brands
Source: TopSpeed

Unlike North America, Europe has very little interest in Toyota, as well. Out of the 46 countries in Europe, 27 of them mostly search for German brands, and BMW is most popular in 10 of them. Between them, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen were also only absent from one of the top spots in seven countries. It’s also not terribly surprising that Tesla is the most popular brand in Norway, and Volvo is the most popular brand in Sweden.

Only Albania and Malta had any interest in Ferrari, though.

While Europe is mostly concerned with the Germans, Asia is unsurprisingly mostly concerned with the Japanese. Honda and Toyota take top honors, with Toyota having an exceptionally-strong showing in the Middle East. In Southeast Asia, though, Honda is the brand that takes top honors. Not to be left out, Hyundai manages to be the most popular brand in former Soviet countries like Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

BMW popped up in a few places, as did Lamborghini, but in China, the most popular brand is apparently Tesla.

Oceania continues the Japanese dominance that you see in Asia, with Toyota dominating Australia. Perhaps most surprisingly out of all the countries in the world, the brand New Zealanders are most interested in is Mitsubishi.

You might not know what to expect with Africa, but out of the 43 countries on the continent, 26 of them searched for Toyota the most, proving that Africa isn’t necessarily as different from the rest of the world as you might think. Most of the rest of the continent, though, is interested in either BMW or Mercedes, and a few countries are interested in both. Angolans really have a thing for Hyundais, but Ghanaians clearly have the most bi-polar taste since they’re most interested in both Toyota and Bugatti.

Popularity doesn’t necessarily translate directly into sales, but it should come as no surprise that the Toyota is so popular when you consider how dominant its global sales are. It’s a company that builds affordable, reliable cars, and while they might not be the most exciting to drive, they’re usually pretty good at everything your average buyer is looking for.

It’s too bad that Internet popularity isn’t directly correlated with sales, though, because I’d love to live in a world where most Bugattis are sold in Ghana and Belize is overrun with Jaguars.

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