Toyota Dominated Consumer Reports’ 3 Year Reliability Study

Budget-savvy consumers know that sometimes, buying a used model presents more value. According to the experts, used vehicles at the three-year-old mark are often the most popular options. Consumer Reports recently conducted their three-year reliability study, and you may not be surprised to learn that many Toyota models landed on the list.

We wanted to learn more about which Toyota vehicles are considered the most reliable for this survey and why Toyota always seems to dominate these studies.

Buying a three-year-old car is smart

Considering new vehicles lose value rapidly upon driving off the lot, buying used can make more sense for some consumers. For those who plan to keep their vehicles more long-term, shaving those few extra thousand dollars off the purchase price, can be the most economical option.

Often, used inventory that is only a few years old might still be eligible for certified pre-owned status and available warranty coverage. Also, three years is the average turn-in time for leased vehicles. Leased vehicles are great used choices because they are typically well-maintained and returned with lower mileage.

The Toyota models that dominate the Consumer Reports study

Consumer Reports routinely performs studies and analyzes various vehicle ownership data to provide best-of lists. Anyone looking to buy a car in the near future can turn to the reliability studies to see which models come as top recommendations.

For this year’s survey, Consumer Reports compiles a list of ten most reliable rides that are three years old. Toyota owns half of this list. If you’re considering a 2017 model, you may want to look for a Toyota Prius V, Corolla, Prius Prime, Prius, or the Camry.

At the lower end of this roster, you can buy a 2017 Corolla for a little over $13,000. At the highest end, based on the owner data, you can buy a three-year-old Prius Prime for around $23,500. If you’re considering a used car, these 2017 Toyota models will bring considerable value and according to Consumer Reports, the best reliability projections.

Toyota tops other reliability studies too

U.S. News & World Report recently shared its findings of the 18 most reliable cars in 2020. While these model year ranges vary from the Consumer Reports study, many Toyota vehicles made this list as well.

The 2020 Toyota Prius and Prius Prime, the 2019 Yaris, the 2020 Camry, and the 2019 Prius C all make this reliability best-of roster. In predicting reliability for newer models, these studies, along with the data collected from J.D. Power & Associates and others, are rooted in actual ownership experience.

Why Toyota seems to top the reliability studies

In general, Toyota typically earns high marks in a variety of reliability studies, both with consumers and with the experts. gives Toyota an overall reliability rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 scale, ranking it eighth out of 32 car brands.

Based on the cost of ownership, average repairs, and a probability of serious mechanical failures, Toyota models are designed well and to last over time. The Japanese automaker has a long-running history of creating quality vehicles and a reputation for being one of the most reliable vehicle brands in the car market today.

If you are considering a used vehicle purchase, you definitely should take a look at one of the Toyota models ranking on this year’s Consumer Reports, three-year reliability study. Buying used is an economical move, and a three-year-old Toyota might just be the most valuable choice for you. Don’t just take our word for it. Browse the host of reliability studies out there and see just how loved these cars are by their current owners.