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Everything is going electric, including the Toyota Tacoma. But what about the Subaru Baja EV? We know that fans want the Subaru Baja to return, and Toyota just helped with the Suburu Solterra SUV. So, could there be a Subaru Solterra truck in the works?

Is the Subaru Baja EV a real possibility? 

Possible Toyota Tacoma EV concept
Possible Toyota Tacoma EV concept | Toyota

Maybe, Toyota and Subaru are keeping quiet about some of their future plans. We’ve recently seen the 2023 Toyota bZ4X, a new all-electric SUV. Then the 2023 Subaru Soleterra debuted shortly after. 

Both of these SUVs were developed closely together, making them pretty similar. However, the Solterra is a bit more focused on off-roading. Also, the potential Toyota Tacoma EV seems to be up next in the electrification plans. 

So, couldn’t Subaru and Toyota join forces again to develop trucks together? They could bring back the Subaru Baja as an electric truck. Or perhaps they could stick with the Solterra name, with a Solterra truck. 

However, the Tacoma is already known for off-roading, so the trucks would have to find a way to stand out. 

Is a Subaru truck in the works? 

It’s possible that Toyota and Subaru could be collaborating on future projects together. Toyota now owns 20 percent of the Subaru Corporation, and you already know how Toyota feels about off-roading trucks. 

A truck is the one model missing from the Subaru lineup, and midsize options are among the most popular automotive segments. Subaru could be losing money without a truck. Imagine the possibility of success with a Subaru Wilderness off-roading truck. 

But would Subaru go midsize or compact? Critics suggest that a Subaru Baja EV could be the perfect option to rival the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. A compact truck would mean less competition for the Toyota Tacoma EV. 

Subaru recently shared that it is rethinking its electric model target. They could expand their plans to introduce more electric vehicles if the Subaru Soleterra is successful in the United States and other countries. 

This could mean that we may have to wait and see how well the Soleterra does before building an electric truck. 

What would the Subaru truck be like? 

Subaru Solterra design
Subaru Solterra design | kdesignag – Instagram

The Subaru Baja EV or Solterra truck is currently being imagined as a unibody compact truck to provide an affordable option that rivals the compact Hyundai Santa Cruz and increasingly popular Ford Maverick. 

By starting under $20,000, Subaru could provide a convenient and cable truck with zero emissions. The Ford Maverick Hybrid currently gets an EPA-estimated 40 mpg, which is hard to beat. 

Like rivals, the truck would handle like an SUV with a truck bed instead of feeling more truck-like. It would have a smoother ride and sportier handling compared to larger options. It would also still be quite capable. For example, the Hyundai Santa Cruz can tow up to 5,000 lbs. 

To keep the weight and price down, the Subaru Baja might not have a 300-mile range. But it could have built-in solar panels like the Solterra and bZ4X to help keep the batteries charged. Also, automakers are working to provide faster charging times. 

The new year could mean new trucks, but we will have to wait to learn more. We’ll keep you updated as Subaru and Toyota share more of their electrification plans.


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