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The Toyota bZ4X is one of the automaker’s first forays into the land of electric vehicles. While some people might be pros at EV charging already, Toyota has a helpful video for those who need a little help.

How to charge the new Toyota bZ4X electric vehicle

How to charge the Toyota bZ4X electric vehicle
The Toyota bZ4X electric vehicle on display at a car show | Vachira Vachira/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Toyota has a massive lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs to suit the needs of people around the world. However, electric vehicles are a different story. Beyond the Toyota Prius, the automaker has been resistant to the EV revolution. But the time has come for Toyota to hope in the electric driver’s seat and has some tips for first-time EV owners of the Toyota bZ4X electric SUV.

This video is titled “How to Charge Your Toyota Electric Vehicle” and goes into the basics of charging the new Toyota bZ4X, such as charging at home. Toyota also goes into the different charging levels and the equipment needed for charging an EV. The type of charging potential buyers might do is an important consideration to make before purchasing.

For instance, people in urban areas might not have access to a garage or public charging station. If you do not have a charger at work, this could make the idea of an electric vehicle like the Toyota bZ4X more complicated. Some areas in the country are not covered by electric vehicle charging stations, which would also complicate ownership.

The different levels of electric vehicle charging for the Toyota bZ4X

Toyota offers information about Level 1 electric vehicle charging, which includes the charging cable and a 120-volt wall outlet. This will be an acceptable charging method for some that might not have a long commute regularly. This charging method will take longer, sometimes overnight. Many people want to opt for a home charger at that point.

A Level 2 charging station works faster and adds more range to the Toyota bZ4X EV. This fast charger requires installation by a professional electrician and a home charging setup. Electric vehicle drivers will likely encounter Level 2 chargers at public charging stations. These can be found in areas like shopping centers, restaurants, and parks. Depending on the brand, drivers might need an app for payment to start the charging process.

Level 3 fast-charging, also known as DC Fast-Charging, will be the fastest option to charge your electric vehicle. These fast chargers tend to be closer to the highways so electric cars can charge up quickly and get back on the road.

EV charging takes a minute to get used to, but Toyota wants to make it easy


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Home charging is nice because most systems allow the driver to schedule charging. Through an app or the charger itself, you can set the electric vehicle to charge in the middle of the night when electricity is least expensive. Owners of the Toyota bZ4X electric SUV plug in and let the charger do the rest.

The EV itself will display the charge progress on the screen. Most chargers also come with an app that allows the driver to watch the charging process. Toyota has its own app, which will enable bZ4X owners to keep an eye on the charging process. An active Remote Connect trial account is required, but Toyota has not released much information on that yet.

The learning curve with an electric vehicle such as the Toyota bZ4X should be short and sweet! Buyers might want to check out charging locations surrounding important areas like home and work to see what the infrastructure might look like. Bigger towns with more EV adoption will likely have more options available than smaller towns that might be slower at adopting.